Male vs. Female Soylent mix?


Got my Soylent - YAY! But now I’m puzzled. When ordering, I was asked if I wanted a month’s Male supply, a month’s Female supply, or a 50/50 mix. Since we’re a male/female couple, I want with the mix. But I don’t see anything in my box that indicates any difference between any of the Soylent. Is there any? If not, why ask about gender and specify different mixes when placing the order?


I recall reading that they made a decision during development to make a single formulation with a reduced calorie count per packet.


Blog post 10/21

Summary excerpt:

As we continued our research, it became increasingly evident that there are actually very few generalizable differences in nutritional needs between men and women

Bottom line, they moved to a Soylent 1800cal and Soylent 2200cal, and then in a subsequent one they condensed it further for simplicity’s sake, down to a single 2000cal package


Ahhh ok, I clearly missed the memo. :slight_smile: Thanks for clearing that up!