-Malto and or oat substitutes


atleat in Europe considering the prices is not always as forgiving as the americans.
i wonder now, what do people think of using Gruel(from weat/oats/corn) potato flour or may rice Flour in the DIY Silent mix? replacing ****dextrin and maybe partly the oat.

mainly in sweden at least the Gruel Potato/corn/flour is cheaper then Maltodextrin.

considering that Gruel is fortified in sweden it can was the burden of the tracking of different vitamin/mineral sources.


Raw wheat flour can contain e. coli pathogens.


well how about that, then thats seems to be a nono then, unless sterilized first.


Talk to @axcho cause he just made us some samples with rice flour instead and it was great.


@axcho is testing out replacing maltodextrin with rice flour in his Schmoylent recipe.



well it actually seams to be a good substitute, will wait in suspense for the result.


I have sampled @axcho’s Clean Fuel, which uses rice flour for its carbs. While the flavor wasn’t for me–and that’s something you’ll tinker with your recipe to perfect to your own taste–as a soylent, it was a perfectly satisfactory day worth of meals.


I sampled it as well and the flavor is just like Schmoylent but the texture is more like Soylent. I liked it and I hope he switches his stuff. :stuck_out_tongue: