Maltodextrin Alternatives (UK)

Afternoon all,

I’m looking for a bit of help - lower GI maltodextrin sources aren’t readily available round my way in the UK, only has a corn version.

I tried making a DIY version with just oats as a carb source & it was REALLY thick (and floury, I tried cooking up the oats on a second attempt & it all turned into a gelatinous solid!)

A few questions;

Do people get an insulin spike from using high GI maltodextrins in their DIY Soylent or does a 50:50 mix of oats and their maltodextrin prevent this?

Are there any alternatives to maltodextrin that can be used as a energy source without making the soylent really thick or floury?

Thanks in advance!

This is my recipe.

Also with maltodextrine from Bulkpowders. I like this recipe a lot and I dont experience any sugar spikes.
It could be a bit on the floury side though, but you really can get used to it. Aquired tase :wink:

Thanks - is your method to simply blend everything together & add water?

I suppose if consumed in smaller quantities over a period of time there’s no issue with insulin spikes (I may well stand corrected on this!)

yes. I make a powder, later to be blended with water & oil,
But usually I use fruit-juice or a kind of syrup instead of water.

I’ve been using Palatinose/Isomaltulose, which supposedly has a low GI. I don’t think I get any spiking at all.

As for ratios, I have 160g oats, 163g flour and 50g isomaltulose. Without the sweetened flavouring I’m using, it doesn’t taste particularly sweet and isn’t too thick. I wouldn’t call it floury either. Did you try adding more water?

I haggled my both my maltodextrin and my oat powder down for my recipe by adopting a slightly lower carb mix (though still pretty close to 50% calories from carbs by volume).

Thickness and powderiness depend hugely on how it’s mixed and if it’s been left to ‘soak’. If it’s left to soak for a few hours it’s pleasantly thick (like a milkshake) and barely gritty (though the chia seeds don’t dissolve, they go very gooey).

It doesn’t taste sweet at all (so I often add a drop of honey), can’t tell you if I’ve had any insulin reactions but it certainly doesn’t give me any kind of sugar rush.

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At least in the German market i hardly find any Maltodextrin with an DE lower than 20.
DE20 is almost glucose sirup, according to wikipeida . Any alternatives or is DE20 okay?

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You could try Huel which doesn’t have maltodextrin either

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