Maltodextrin - Insoluble Fiber vs. Soluble Fiber


I cannot find the amount of insoluble fiber and soluble fiber in maltodextrin. Anyone has that information?

What about fiber?

Maltodextrin is not fiber, it’s a sugar…well, kind of, but anyways, there is no fiber of any kind in pure maltodextrin.

Are you using a specific product that is not pure maltodextrin?
If yes, we would need to know which one in order to answer. ^.^


Thank you once again @CuriousBen, you’ve been of great help to me so far!

I thought I read here that malto contained a certain amount of both fiber. But that makes sense.

So, the only source of fiber I have right now is from the Omega Golden Flaxseed. Would you advice adding a source of fiber to my soylent?


Yes. Fiber will be the only thing keeping your soylent from flowing right through your colon and out of your behind again, so you would want to add sonme amount. Personally, I will be adding 20g of powdered psyllium husks.


There’s a thread here where I went into some detail on maltodextrin and carbohydrates in general:

There’s also this thread on Diarrhoea that talks about the results of not having enough fibre, including input from @rob: