Maltodextrin side effects and alternatives


Just a suggestion, get a glucose meter and take a sample before and 2 hours after consumption of Soylent to see the rise in blood sugar. This may give you some insight as to whether you are spiking your sugar. Maltodextrin has an extremely high GI score (over 100!)


I would like to see a formula for diabetics with low GI index sugars and low sodium content for patients on sodium restrictive diets who need to loose weight.


Well, we’ve discussed quite some alternatives here.
Palatinose ( a.k.a. isomaltulose ) Has a GI of 32. That’d seem like a pretty decent replacement.
And a different phosphate source would help to cut on the sodium.

I’m not the expert on this, but that should bring you a long way.
I’d suggest creating a new topic, there’s tons of friendly people out here with a lot of knowledge. :smiley:


I also got headaches from my initial recipe, although that was from using powdered oats (bulkpowders) as my only carb source. I’ve since switched to half oats half maltodextrin and don’t get headaches anymore. Still get the raised heat rate thing you mentioned though.


I would highly recommend seeing a doctor with your symptoms. Consistent headaches and heart palpitations are not something to ignore, especially when you’re consuming a highly experimental diet of raw materials. I would seriously encourage you to have a doctor help you monitor your health while doing this diet.


Thanks for your concern, I have made an appointment.


Well, my Palatinose arrived.
I’ll be using it starting tomorrow.
So stay tuned and I’ll keep you guys posted.

Apparently, your heart rate can be affected when your blood sugar level is either really high or really low.
Maltodextrin, with a pretty damn high GI is absorbed quickly, causing your blood sugar level to spike.
That’s the reason I switched to 1/4 Palatinose 1/4 Maltodextrin and 2/4 “Brinta” (see my posts above)

I’ll let you know how it works out for me.


…I’m not sure how I missed this post, but what OP details is nearly spot on to what I’ve been dealing with. Though they’re not nearly as prominent, I’m still getting headaches (exacerbated by the ‘occasional’ office donut >.>), with an oat powder & maltodextrin mix. Reducing the malto to under half of what it was (~60g a day) definitely helped. I’ll see about tweaking the oat powder content and see how that changes these side effects.

Good luck with the updated formula!


My Palatinose arrived, this is how my formula looks like right now.

After 4/6 shakes, mild headaches acted up again, but the main reason I couldn’t keep it up was because I had already ingested ~2000kcals in around 8 hours.

To totally eliminate any side effects, I’ll be visiting my doctor for advice.

Thanks for all the help so far and I’ll keep you guys posted!


I contacted a german Palatinose producer and they forwarded me to their first grade reseller.
25kg @ 4,90€ per kg, delivery not included.
Too much for me personally but maybe we could form a group in the future.

Edit: Don’t forget this wonderful 45GI stuff is made of 50% Fructose molecularly. Fructose is much worse than Glucose for health.


This is a fascinating point. I wonder whether there is an equivalent product with two glucose joined together, instead of one of each?



Expensive though.


Not the greatest of sources, but a reasonable summary and starting point:

fructose is processed in the liver. When too much fructose enters the liver at once, the liver can’t process fructose as a sugar. Instead, the liver turns excess fructose into fats-triglycerides. When you incorporate these fats into our bodies cells (the cell membranes) triglycerides cause these cells to be insulin resistant. This is the reason that high fructose corn syrup leads to diabetes. Fructose is linked to significant increases of both cholesterol and triglycerides. [/quote]


If you could only buy this in bulk somewhere…


It contradicts your early statement, though.
As Palatinose is a good alternative for carbohydrates for people who suffer from diabetes.
At least, if we were to believe this article.

If something would help a diabetes patient, I doubt it would increase risk on diabetes.
But it could also be that the fructose is being released so slowly that it won’t matter as much?

Interesting source indeed.


To follow up, I found some evidence that 50g doses do not cause fructose-related harm:

This seems to address the issue of excess fructose being stored as triglcerides. At this dose and in this population, either the absolute amout of fructose produced was not sufficient to overload the liver’s ability to process it, or (hopefully) the slow rate at which Isomaltulose is split into sucrose/fructose means that the liver can tolerate arbitrary levels of Isomaltulose intake without having to resort to storage as triglycerides.

Another negative health effect of excess fructose ingestion is that it may not be fully absorbed by the small intestine, instead proceeding to the large instestine to be fermented by bacteria which may cause bloating, diahrrea, flatulence, etc. From the same study:

If I’m reading this right, in the first case (drink) there was 95.5-93.6 = 1.9% and in the second (food) 98.8-96.1 = 2.7% of the 50g Isomaltulose intake digested (i.e. broken down into constituents) but passed through the small intestine instead of being absorbed. Since only half of this is fructose (the other half being sucrose) we can say that around 1-1.5% by mass of the 50g Isomaltulose ingested reaches the large intestine as fructose. This sounds to me like a manageable amount. While this study only lasted for four weeks, there’s no reason (I can think of, but I’m only an engineer) why this response to this intake should not continue ad infinitum.

On the basis of this I’m going to tentatively consider my own consumption of 50g per day to be safe. Please draw your own conclusions.

Edit: Additional information suggesting that fructose reaching the large intestine is negligible

The H2-breath test is what’s used to detect bacterial activity in the large intestine.


Very interesting.
I’m sticking to my dose of 100g Palatinose, 100g Maltodextrin and 200g “Brinta” / day as carb source, divided over 6 shakes.
Seems to work out fine for me, but it’s only been a week.


I have been having trouble finding a good source to buy this from. has a great price but they don’t ship to the US. Where are you guys getting this from?


both the headaches and the heart problems are examples of potassium deficiency. foods with postassium - oranges, particularly orange juice, potatoes, bananas. You could add some orange juice to your intake and it won’t hurt you. the key is to get all your nutrients, which you are not getting, otherwise you wouldn’t have headaches and heart palpitations. you may need more potassium than most people, I know that I do, especially when I consume more sugars/carbs.


If you can’t find it in the US I can only suggest emailing myprotein and putting in a special request.

@Geroellgeraet, who were the producer and reseller you contacted?