Maltodextrin side effects and alternatives


Well, as you said yourself in another thread, Brinta soaks up a lot of water and makes your soylent gooey (or ‘papperig’ in dutch).
But I just found out oats contain way more phytic acid than I realised, so I’d wait out the conclusions of these discussions: one and two.


Well, there’s quite some oats on the market that dissolve pretty well.
If you dislike the grainy-like taste Brinta will not be your choice.
Aaaand if you drink it within a minute or 2 after adding water, it won’t be as gooey.

I sent this message days ago, but apparently it never went through.
Keep me updated! :>


I’ve come to like the somewhat thicker Soylent with brinta taste. It’s a bit like liquid bread, which is actually not as bad as that may sound :smile:

I’ve also ordered some maltodextrin so I can vary some things if needed. But it’s pretty good so far!


Has anyone found a relatively inexpensive source of trehalose. It seems to be an excellent carb and after much searching I found it at the site below in 25 pound bags for $3.76 per pound including shipping in the continental US (It is a shame that this only effects those in the US. By browsing these forums I have seen soylent to be a very international community.)

If anyone has found a better price that isn’t for industrial amounts I would be interested.


Thread a bit dead, seeking to buy trehalose.
Anyone find something cheaper than this - ?
Bigger bulk, like 10 kg, is more than ok.


I haven’t found a cheaper source so far, but it sounds rather interesting.
The only thing that concerns me is the “it doesn’t lead to weight gain”-part, as my goal is to bulk up.
How is it providing energy / calories, but preventing weight gain?


Since trehalose is currently only marketed to health weirdos, and not ever as a sports or bodybuilding product, it is being contrasted with regular sugar.
The part about weight loss is just for people who will be replacing their sugar 2:1, so they are not afraid they will get fat from it.
The actual difference in that regard is that it doesn’t have fructose, and so does not promote metabolic syndrome and obesity. Of course it still provides calories that will prevent you from breaking down your amino acids for energy.


I too am on a weight-gain diet. Like Qm3ster said, trehalose has about 4 calories per gram like all other digestible carbs.


It’s only 45% as sweet as sugar, so adding it “up to the same sweetness” will actually increase your carb intake. I don’t know where they get the “doesn’t lead to weight gain” part from.


It doesn’t lead to weight gain not in calories, but in the following ways:

  1. Doesn’t demolish your liver and give you metabolic syndrome which makes you uncontrollably obese and diabetic.
  2. Properly signals satiety, as it is all-glucose, not sneaky fructose.
  3. Doesn’t cause addiction and cravings the way a fructose-containing sugar does.
  4. For most people, isn’t a very fast sugar, because the amount of enzyme is quite low. (that’s how the undigested trehalose manages to get places in the human body, giving miraculous results)


Maltodextrin falls under the MSG umbrella, it contains free glutamates and they are not the kind of glutamates that the brain or body needs… Many people who are MSG sensitive will get an MSG headache from consuming products that contain maltodextrin… Sometimes small amounts don’t create a headache right away… depends how sensitive you are… Check out the NXTNUTRIO App… Turn MSG On… in your profile with what ever other allergens or things that you are attempting to avoid in foods and scan the barcode… if you find something not in the database of 260,000 products, it gives you the option to add it, only takes 12 seconds…


So on your very first post in this forum you decided to gravedig a 3 year dead post just to plug an app.


Does anyone know how this turned out? I’m 16 and researching alternative foods and I think this could be it. Basically my idea behind my topic is helping third world countries that are in poverty. Soylent being lighter and cheaper than Whole Foods sounds like a great idea. The only issue is that the soylent at market is so weak in terms of calories. I would like to take homemade soylent but my calorie needs are around 2500-3000 I’m a 6’6 lifter and runner trying to but on weight and I average 170 in the summer and 210’in the winter for weight. Hope someone can answer my questions


May I ask how it turned out being you and have the same ideas in mind @ingeniousrealm.