Maltodextrin source help?


Hello all.

I am nearly finished with my own diy recipe and will post it soon. I am attempting to use little to no corn products (ive read the studies on the environmental effects and health of the american corn industry, im at least 52% convinced).
I am using instead rice maltodextrin, but for the life of me cannot find a good source. Truenutrition sells it in 1 lb bags but i want at least 20 lb, preferably at a better price. Does anyone have a good source/ is there another name for rice maltodextrin?



I wonder if DIYers purchase enough/often enough to qualify for industrial purchases from the likes of smaller manufacturers like:

As a side note: sorry, couldn’t find/haven’t heard of another non-commercial source!


Ill have to try making some calls. If nothing else maybe one of their customers will sell it to me