Man down.. need help with DIY. or i will... "diy"


Hello, I’ve been looking into a lot of liquid meal replacements, and stumbled upon Soylent. It having the best community and reviews. Only thing is, I’m looking to get healthy NOW, not in 5 months (estimated shipping date). I’ve done a lot of searching around, It’s really hard to trust all of these other liquid meal companies. Space nutrients etc.

I wanted to know if there was a DIY thread I could join that could help me get my shit together… I’m 240 pounds, 22 years old, and mind blow that I somehow gained 60 pounds in 2 years. I simply am not happy with my body. I need guidance, someone to talk to, something. I am very eager to learn, and change. So any advice or insight would be much received and integrated…

Looking to replace all meals for 60 days to start. Focus is loosing fat but keeping brain healthy. Where do I start?

Also am willing to do daily blog/video updates to prove legitimacy of advice for any intentions you may have with that information.

Thanks guys.



Here is a good place to start. It covers all the basics about soylent, including DIY questions…


me too!!
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I too can vouch for @axcho


This has the #1 most favorites and this is the DIY recipe I’ve been using.

I like the corn tortilla flavor, although with the salt and vanilla flavored men-sport it does help mask the tortilla flavor quite a bit. Without either the masa (corn flour, more or less) can be a bit overpowering (and I do like it.)

It’s gritty-- grittier than I expect Soylent will be.

Normally, 60-80% of my daily food intake is “People Chow.” Although my wife had tasty left overs yesterday in the fridge (from the night before), so I ate those for lunch and then went out to dinner with a friend (so I ate restaurant fare). So yesterday was only about 20% of my total intake.

I’m about 30-40 lbs over desired weight. I’m not currently losing any body weight, but I generally feel better and am beginning an exercise program which I hope to stick with until I drop the excess fat.


Aww, thanks guys! :slight_smile:

@Logic_2point0, I’d recommend buying the ingredients for Schmoylent (a recipe I designed to be very similar to official Soylent) and trying to make it yourself:

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on it, and the consensus is that it tastes much better than People Chow 3.0.1, and is a sustainable food replacement for most people.

Alternatively, if you want to try something really simple and cheap, just to see what it feels like to live on a liquid diet, try Practice Fuel first:


I would suggest buying from the DIY market. Everybody has already suggested @axcho and I would 12th that. Try a couple and find a recipe you can live with. At that point decide if you want to buy or make it yourself. I started a long time ago and would have loved to try a bunch of different recipes but buying the bulk ingredients would cost too much. With the DIY market its not a problem anymore.


Wonders if I can lure @axcho up to Canada.



I too can vouch for Axcho’s pre-fab blends. A very happy customer am I - Portland OR.


There is also an “official weight loss thread” in the Experiences section:


I would definitely (and did) start with Axcho - Marion Fuel is my recommendation, personally, and my DIY (after some experiments) ended up pretty similar to that.


Whatever DIY recipe you chose I would suggest stoping by the Nutrient Calculator to see what it recommends the calorie intake should be for someone your size looking to lose weight. I can almost guaranty it will be more than 2000 calories. Cutting to many calories to quickly can leave you feeling hungry and wanting to graze. From there you can modify whatever soylent you decide to go with to meet your caloric needs.


Try before you buy anywhere you can :wink: Axchow is a great place to start simply because he can offer you a fair variety of things. I ended up donating well over $150 in ingredients for recipes that I ended up not liking. The problem with DIY is to get the best prices you need to buy large quantities. So if possible save yourself then heartache, pickup some pre-made from someone like Axchow and go from there. Once you find that you like a recipe & that you want to continue to stay on it, it’s time to buy up.

When you start “rolling your own” you can tailer it to exactly what you want. Everyone has different standards for mouth feel/texture that I have found for a lot of people trump taste. Most people can put up with the taste of a food but if the texture/grit/mouth feel is off they gag and it goes from dislike to displeasure. Someone may have already said this but if you plan to go 100% liquid (or nearly 100%) and no solid meals don’t be overly aggressive with weight loss intentions. I.e. if you want to consume 1500 or 1600 calories thats cool, DON"T start there. Introduce yourself at your regular intake, and then slowly make changes to your recipe to reduce calorie count. It can be very hard to maintain a formula that taste good, has good mouth feel, and most importantly keeps you satieted throughout the day. Move towards your goal in a controlled manner and you will find the right balance.