Mana = Soylent?!

I was reading up on Pythium oligandrum (look into it if you’ve got any sort of fungal infection, really interesting stuff), and I checked out of few more articles on the site…only to come across this. Isn’t this really just Soylent??

Yes. There are, at latest count, over 40 copycat products.

(I don’t mean to suggest negative connotations in using the term “copycat”.)


There are a hell of a lot of different complete meal replacements about now. Looking at the recipe of the powder, Mana and Soylent both use isomaltulose and soy protein, but that’s about where the similarities end. Mana uses algae, sunflower, flax, oats and coconut, whilst Soylent uses maltodextrin to make canola and algal oil powders, as well as modified food starch. They both, naturally, contain all your daily vitamins and minerals, but the products are pretty different.

EDIT: Mana also has canola oil, I misread.

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Mana ~ Soylent 1.0 with differences explained by @GenesisFoodSolutions.

My big list’o’lents is over 80 now.

I’m not sure, however, if “copycat” is fair. I think it’s more accurate to say, Rob Rinehart revealed and defined a new market, and a lot of startups have come along to fill that market. The majority in my list are outside North America, where Soylent is only a rumor.