Managing subscription - controlling rate of delivery


I’ve settled into a routine where I am consistently using one package of soylent every 1.5 to 2 days. Right now, I have a monthly subscription, since that is the most cost effective way to order Soylent, but it’s pretty clear that I won’t be able to quite keep up with the speed of delivery.

What I would like to do is to tweak the subscription delivery rate, for example, to say “Send me a month supply every 6 weeks.” But I don’t see any way to do that on the subscription website.

Given that so many people are eagerly awaiting their soylent, it seems silly that there’s no obvious mechanism to throttle the rate of delivery. This means I end up needlessly hoarding soylent, and possibly will need to sell off some of my excess somewhere down the line. Clearly, it would be better for the entire community if the rate could be controlled.


Is there a way to control the rate, and I just didn’t see it?

If not, can we speak up and apply some pressure on the company to allow for this feature on the subscription site, to improve fairness and allow soylent to be delivered to more people?


Seconded. I have a similar routine. I think that @JulioMiles had mentioned something about subscription customization in the works. At any rate, I’m expecting some sort of announcement soon. Shipping seems to be picking up and I think we’re nearing some type of milestone.


You can cancel subscriptions and create new subscriptions 2 weeks prior to when you need your next shipment. It’s worked for me so far.


The only way I know how to throttle it is to periodically cancel your subscription, then renew it after a month or so. Its definitely not the most convenient, but I expect Rosa Labs to change it, since its been a common complaint.


We’re definitely working on improving the flexibility of the subscription service. Everyone consumes Soylent at different rates and we want to ensure that all customers get the right quantity delivered at the right time. Nothing ready to share yet, but as soon as we have updates they will be shared.