Manganese levels in oats (not powder), baked in the oven?



I’m looking at making a flapjack type recipe for my DIY soylent using oats.
However, I’m concerned about the manganese levels in raw oats.
I understand that boiling them reduces the level massively but what about baking them?
Is it the boiling in water that reduces the levels through dilution or is it just the heat that breaks it down in some way?

So could I bake the oats in the oven to make flapjacks and not worry about toxic levels of manganese?
Or would soaking the oats before baking them help?

Thanks in advance all. :smile:


I know several people in the past have made soylent pancakes, and they have said that it mitigates the phytic acid issue, but I’m not sure about the manganese.


Well the manganese atoms themselves aren’t going to go anywhere. Whether it changes the bioavailability of them, I have no idea.