Manufacturing and Distribution


When I think about Soylent and the need for customized nutrition worldwide, my mind turns to the distribution and manufacturing hurdles. What would it take to make Soylent truly customized to an individual’s nutritionally needs?

I’m just throwing this out there since you folks are way more educated than I am, and I believe you’re probably more intelligent in general. So you may have thought of this concept already.

I envision a few basic formulas that get shipped from centralized manufacturing to co-operating partners worldwide. At the partner level, they have a smaller facility that can take the base product and add to it the specific enhancements needed for an individual.

The individual would consult with a physician/nutritionist/naturopath or other recognized health care professional who will determine what the person needs, enters it into a web-based application and issues a QR style barcode to the person.

The person takes the barcode to the local Soylent partner, the Soylent Finishing Machine takes the appropriate base and finishes it with the enhancements needed, based on the physician’s recommendations encoded in the barcode. This could be done in quantities that reflect perhaps 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month supplies.

After they are nearly through their supplies, the person would see their physician again and have their nutrition tweaked appropriately.

At first, I thought this model was overly-complicated. But then I thought, this is the Starbucks model basically! Coffee beans (the base product) are shipped worldwide, then at the local level smaller quantities of the product are made with the fixings (enhancements) that the individual wants.

Just a thought. What do you think?


Local stores might not make much sense - with many-to-1 arrangements (customized soylent mixes), centralized locations that ship to consumers makes more economic sense. There’s a lot of overhead with local franchises that isn’t necessary when you’re talking about customers buying 1-3-6 months of product in one go.


I see what you’re saying and I agree. Say they have a facility in US, Canada, Central Europe, Australia, etc. Then the person gets their physician to submit the requirements online, the person logs in to their regionalized website and orders what they need. Makes sense! Less b&m to worry about as well.

I like it!