Martha Stewart's collective case against Soylent


So the editorial team of Martha Stewart heard about Soylent and whipped up, “a more-than-solid case for solid food.” We commend them! All of their choices look delicious.

In that spirit, we’re curious which foods you can’t imagine ever giving up – even though, of course, drinking Soylent does not in any way require forsaking other forms of nutritional intake.

For me it’s a tie between natas, which are amazing little flaky pastry cups filled with egg custard, and shrimp summer rolls liberally doused in peanut sauce.

I bet some people have some pretty interesting favorite foods, looking forward to gaining some culinary knowledge!


Mapo Tofu. A beautifully marbelled medium rare rib eye. Seafood of all types, especially butter poached lobster, bivalves, sous vide salmon. Eggs; sunny side up, creamy scrambled, fluffy omelet. Roast duck with perfectly crispy skin. Pho. Lengua tacos. Fatty tuna and Salmon sashimi. Uni. Thai and Indian curries. Also, octopus curry from the Seychelles.

God, I love food.


That article made my mouth water.

So now I’ve got to get up, leave the house, and go forage for food—and will probably end up spending about $10 because, well, I live in a tiny room in Seattle’s University District and don’t really have an area to prep food, so I eat out a lot. I’ll probably be back in about ninety minutes, during which time I could otherwise be studying for my Constitutional Law final. . .

Oh, right, this is why I bought Soylent, and why it was invented.

How the hell do people not realize this intuitively?

I think I’ll go have some phó. One of those things I’ll still be enjoying after I switch over. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I would miss Whataburger. Oh god, If all of Whataburger’s food was made of Soylent, I would eat it for the rest of my life.


This. I’ve probably made 1000 ruinous omelets over the past few years but the last few have finally been consistently :kissing_heart:

and to be fair, the failed ones were still delicious.

Getting rid of that terrible meandering thought process is one of the best parts…

“I’m hungry / what do I eat / what do I have here / where should I go / no obvious answer / guess I’ll forget about it”

5 minutes later

“I’m hungry…” and it repeats all over again.


Yeah. Note that it’s been 30 minutes and I still haven’t gotten up to go get food… because I’m not sure what I want, and it will be a hassle, and I really don’t want to spend the money, and on and on.

Can’t wait to be able to break out of that cycle.


Foods I love that I will never give up, but will likely only indulge in on a much less frequent basis than I do now:

  • Cheeseburgers. Not fast food, but a real homemade or gourmet burger with all the veggies on top.
  • Filet mignon, medium rare.
  • Spaghetti with meat: sausage, meatballs, or bolognese.
  • Pizza. I love a good pizza with lots of sauce and mushrooms.

And of course, what good is food like that unless you wash it down with something equally as unhealthy?


I have a list:


Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, and oh yeah, Bacon.

But seriously, high quality meats will always be a part of my life, so nice steaks, nice burgers, nice bacon, etc. However, as a fairly poor college student, I get to have a nice meal maybe once a month? Sometimes more frequently, but that’s probably accurate, so Soylent is the perfect substitute to my horrendous other meals (ie, campbells chunky soup over top ramen).


Are…are you my soulmate?


I don’t get why the media is jumping on the lets get rid if regular food train.


It’s pretty funny actually because I spent about 10 months debating whether or not I would Soylent (I was an original backer but more for the just take my money part). I spent many conversations in my mind and with others about what foods I would miss and crave. I had a huge list but in reality the answer was surprisingly very little. All of the food I thought I would die for, still sounds good, but there is nothing I feel like I need.

I love me a good cheeseburger, steak and fish. And I occasionally do cook them up. But that primal urge I thought I would feel simply isn’t there.


This is one of those things that I always immediately think of when I think of pleasure with food. Damn is it good.

I feel like Soylent will fill the void of eating at home, but I won’t turn down eating out. I love social eating and would probably enjoy it even more, especially when I could afford more decadent meals. Almost everything about eating out at a restaurant is so nice and preferable to home cooking for me. I do enjoy cooking for fun, but for everyday meals it’s so boring and a hassle. Plus, I’m cooking for others, so there’s more of a reason to do it other than for myself. I just don’t want to bother with food most of the time for myself. I think about Soylent all the time now when I’m trying to figure out what to eat. Things would be so much easier and healthier for me! (haha preaching to the choir :stuck_out_tongue: )


The meal that I’ll never use Soylent instead:

  1. Salmon cooked in a packet with ranch dressing, lemon pepper, and brown sugar
  2. over a bed of Lion House rice pilaf,
  3. with a Normandy vegetable blend (or fresh sauteed green beans) on the side.


Definitely seconding the tortilla chips. Like popping bubble wrap. :wink:


I don’t eat a whole lot of “fancy” foods. The list of things I don’t eat is a lot longer than the list of things I do. I certainly won’t be giving up pizza and burgers, but I’m hoping to cut back on them and only have really good ones when I do have them.


More clicks. Even the very FIRST Soylent article was “This Man Thinks He Never Has to Eat Again” News corps are a business, and like every business, they’ll do whatever gets the more customers, and unfortunately people in general want more sensational opinions or topics.


There really is “no such thing as bad publicity”. Martha Stewart’s article is telling thousands of people that Soylent exists, most of whom have likely never heard of it. If anything, I’m betting Soylent sales increase due to this article. :slight_smile:


Oh Julio,
Here’s what’s been haunting me ever since I started DIY. :smile:


Rolled on a Soylent forum! Dang, that was ninja!


As I was typing that I thought “I know I have heard these words before…” the rest is history.