Masa Chow 1.4: 1st Recipe Attempt, would welcome feedback


This started from a copy of the People Chow 3.1 but the nutrition numbers seemed to be all over the place, especially for the masa. I looked at the enriched and non-enriched packages from several brands and the various USDA and other government sites but could not reconcile the fats and other ingredients. So, I put the numbers in myself for just about every product.

Also, I took the new Soylent 1.4 ratios and applied them here with the men’s steady weight loss target.

I find the GNC powder very expensive, but I don’t trust the really cheap pills like Kirkland that others recommend. I found an alternative after a bunch of searching.

This is my very first attempt at making a recipe, so I would suggest that you don’t rely on it for yourself. I’ve made it public so I can ask for some feedback on it.

4 nutrients that show problems:

Vitamin A: I am fairly certain that the calculations are just wrong on the product. Looking at the professional’s health sheet here: it says that the IU is different per milligram depending upon the source. Also, it says that beta-carotene is not a danger and most of the Vitamin A is sourced from that. So I think this is safe.

Niacin: The form in the source seems to be from the kind that isn’t toxic at higher levels. I think it is safe.

Vitamin K: This is low and I welcome recommendations

Biotin: This is low and I welcome recommendations


You can post links to private recipes on here. I do it all the time. First thing I would like to point out is you have some mystery fat in your recipe.

3 + 4 != 11
3 + 17 +11 != 36


The NOW K-2 is good.


I double checked all the numbers and the total fats in each product that contains fat totals to 36 (rounded). I looked at the sub-types of lipids and they indeed don’t add up to the full 36, but I think that is because there are other types that are not included in the nutrition data.


I did a little reading on Vitamin K and found that the MK7 type seems to be highly superior when taking a supplement for Vitamin K. So I’m going to go with this product:

I added it to the recipe.


It’s more likely that whoever entered the data into the DIY site didn’t dig deep enough, separate out the subtypes of fats, and enter them in the DB in the correct slots. For instance the USDA a just gives the saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fats. It’s up to whoever to look closer and separate out the omega 3 from the omega 6.

But really this is just a personal nitpick not overly critical to the recipe. Other than that I didn’t see anything obviously wrong with the recipe.


Yup, I guess that “whoever” is me then. :blush:

I did try digging, I just don’t know where else to find all that information and trust it at the same time. Or, I don’t know how to read all of it as I’m not a nutritionist. Being that is is “just a personal nitpick,” I think I’ll let it go now that you’ve confirmed that total fat is probably correct.

Thanks for the help! I can’t wait to receive my goods and try my first batch. I’m also a little nervous too. I hope I don’t hate it as I’ve committed to my wife that I’ll eat it for an entire week whether I like it or not. :smiley:


I can tell you right now that unless the whey protein you use is flavored this recipe will be a little on the blah side. It will take a little while for your tastebuds to adjust. If you still don’t like it after a week I recommend experimenting with adding flavors. In mine I add a .25 tsp each of cinnamon and stevia. The stevia has a weird taste and after taste till again your tastebuds adjust and all you taste is the sweet.


Thanks for the heads-up. The protein is vanilla cream. I also watch Chris Bair’s @chris_bair latest video and he added xanthan gum, stevia & dark chocolate powder. I have some of each so I can experiment on a daily basis too.

Wish me luck!


The Body Fortress protein has a good flavor, so it’s good by itself, or with additional flavors on top.


I received everything except for the choline powder last night so I mixed it up and started today! It is actually pretty tasty. I wouldn’t go so far to say that it tastes as desirable as ice cream, but I could certainly live with this happily.