Masking unwanted flavors in 1.5


I finally received my 1.5 and tried it out, and I must say I absolutely hate the flavor. Everything else about it is perfect, but the taste is tainted by the unmistakable funk of unflavored protein. So I’ve been researching methods used by protein powder makers to mask that nasty element. Most of them use aspartame, which sucks hard because I refuse to put that in Soylent.

I did stumble upon news of a new commercial product called Smoothenol 2G by Sensient Flavors. The “FunctionalFix” formula appears to be exactly what Soylent 1.5 needs, if the product works as advertised. I would like to encourage RL to investigate this.

I don’t intend to start another flavoring thread, but this is more specific to flavor masking rather than augmenting. RL really nailed it with the texture and consistency, but that protein flavor is killing it.


That’s my favourite Parliament song.

Well, for your taste buds anyway.


Interesting idea. I have recently stopped adding stevia to Soylent because it seems that all sweeteners confuse our systems and cause undesirable reactions. But maybe Smoothenol is an exception.

Fortunately for me, I like 1.5.


Sounds really interresting! I wonder if it could help with the cardboard like flavor I taste in 1.4

@conor could you point this product to @rob and ask him to experiment with it to find out if it feasable


That is exactly what I’m hoping it will help with. That strange, almost metallic note that gives it the cardboard-like flavor is from the protein, I’m fairly certain. If you have never tried unflavored protein, I can see where the first impression would be cardboard. Try sampling any unflavored protein powder, however, and I believe you will make the connection instantly.


There isn’t that much protein in it though, right?


But seems like its worth exploring before ruling it out.


There are 80 grams of protein per pouch.


Maybe. I wasn’t suggesting ruling anything out.


He is vaguely asserting that you are suggesting he was implying that you were alluding to something he was hinting at.


I read it thrice and still didnt understand what you are saying :frowning:


Why would that flavor be from protein when it’s the same protein that has been in Soylent for some time, isn’t it? I see that the ratios and overall amount changed, but not the content of the protein itself…

Discussions with my other half have her dead-certain that it’s the taste of sunflower. She knows that taste, I don’t, so I’m taking her (and other’s) word for that. Whatever it is, it started in 1.4 so it’s definitely related to a change made with that formula.


I can’t explain why, only what I experience. Maybe the different formula affects how much you taste it, but protein is definitely the strongest flavor I am tasting. I can taste the note of sunflower too but that isn’t what is offensive to me.


Removal of vanilla flavor is why the “bad” flavors suddenly became more noticeable.


Easy then: Add vanilla to your personal batch. Problem solved.

Just leave it out the official mixture. 1.3 tasted offensively vanilla-y to me. Almost sickly vanilla.


Easier said than done. I’ve experimented with two types of vanillin (separately and together) as well as vanilla extract and I’ve not come anywhere close to the same flavor. This is telling:

Luckily after being on 1.4 for months I don’t miss the vanilla flavor anymore, and 1.5 seems to be more palatable in general, but others aren’t so lucky.


Don’t forget your brain can adjust your taste to fit what you are eating (or drinking). I hated my first taste of 1.4 and now I drink it straight. I added chocolate powder for about a month and then forgot to add it one night. The next day I noticed a difference and decided to go another day. Now I don’t see any reason to add any flavoring. It did take flavoring to make it acceptable at least for the beginning though.


I can’t adjust to it if I can’t even make myself drink it, it’s that bad for me. I expected it to be different than 1.0 but this tastes absolutely terrible. Desperately need a way to fix this and salvage a month’s worth.


As I mentioned, I needed to add something to make it drinkable. I also added water to thin it down. (Version 1.4, getting 1.5 next week.) I know you’ve read all the flavoring threads. I hope you can find something to make it usable. I doubt Rosa Labs is going to move too far from this recipe for a while.