Maybe I'll Setting For This Until the Invention of a Time Release Food Capsule


I hate cooking and preparing food. Going out to eat costs too much and eating a meal takes more time than it should. I’ve always thought it would be cool if there was a food capsule that basically gave you everything you needed in terms of nutrition and calories, time released over a 24 hour period. Take one capsule in the morning and you’re good for the entire day. Take it a step further, 1 capsule a month, good bye world hunger. Another step further and that might be seen as evil as that may put a lot of food related businesses out of business.

So I just stumbled onto Soylent today and at first I was thinking this is the next best thing to a food cap although not nearly as convenient but as I was reading more into this, I started to wonder what the difference was between Soylent and a typical meal replacement aside from ingredients.

I’ve read that The Ultimate Meal is a great meal replacement, lots of nutrients, organic, no soy, etc., but never tried it due to it being a bit expensive. I’m assuming Soylent is just basically a healthy/healthier meal replacement so I guess I’ll have to wait until someone invents the ultimate food capsule.

Is my assumption correct and does anyone know how much it will cost ($/meal) once it goes into production? Thanks.


The actual cost of Soylent (the one that it’s been produced right now) is 7.5$ a day. He expects to lower the price to 5$ when the mass production begins. Still, there’s a lot of reserch that must be done. It’s important that Soylent it’s not made yet to replace every single food. Also, the v0.7 is just made for the average people. Each person requiere specific things and specific quantities of each ingredient, according to your weight, size, deficiencies, possible diseases or disorders of any kind, and a lot of etcs. So you still need to consume SOME food or modify the original recipe to your organism. If you’re really sure of this, you need to keep reading threads, look at others diaries and recipes, read the discussions over some symptoms, solutions, changes, etc.


I’ve been through Sam Gerrard’s Ultimate Life website now pretty thoroughly, and I have to say he impresses me as yet another vegan whacko. His Ultimate Meal Bar seems to be an integral part of his system, yet he says it has been unavailable since 2002 – in over ten years he hasn’t managed to find any manufacturers that suit him? More likely nobody will touch him with a ten-foot pole! I’ll bet he’s impossible to do business with.

Anyway, Gerrard’s vegan formula has all of 170 calories per serving; he recommends one large organic banana and half an organic apple to make a smoothie with his magic powder, and values the combination at 350 calories once it’s mixed. He waffles on whether it’s possible or recommended to use The Ultimate Meal 3x daily as a total meal replacement. His into page says emphatically yes, the stuff is so great it shouldn’t be mixed with other food, then he reverses himself. Anyway, 1050 calories/day is still severe CR (calorie restriction) territory; I’ve done it, but not for months on end; you lose weight pretty fast and you have little energy to spare, a lot of lightheadedness and dizzy spells.

But at $2.33/serving it IS actually competitive with Rob’s initial offering; so if you felt The Ultimate Meal is “a bit expensive” you’d have to say the same for Soylent at this point. Although at least you get a full 2000 calories/day with Soylent, Gerrard’s only offering 510/day for $7.

Thanks for the reference to The Ultimate Meal. I’ve been trying to research meal replacement in my spare time but I hadn’t run across Gerrard’s company until now. I remain unconvinced, though, that his formula is really any kind of ultimate anything. More like yet another oddball, off-the-wall vegan aberration. I haven’t put his ingredients through a detailed analysis but at first glance I see little to suggest that Gerrard has achieved “the ultimate food capsule” that a person could subsist on safely and indefinitely. Just calling a product the ultimate on its label doesn’t make it so.


$5 for 2,000 calories isn’t bad at all. I was basing the cost on the fund raising page for a 1 week supply putting it around $9 a day. If I use Soylent, it would be in addition to actual food. I’m mainly just interested in easy, no hassle calories so even 1,000 calories a day from Soylent would be a big help.

As for The Ultimate Meal, a few pro athletes recommended it and if you look for it on Amazon, lots of people seem to like it. Most of the lower starred reviews seems to mainly be because of the taste. I only looked at the cost per serving and didn’t account the cost per calorie so looks like Soylent is cheaper.

As for the “time release food capsule”… I wasn’t referring to the Ultimate meal, that’s just something I’ve been thinking about for a while and wishing someone would hurry up and invent it already.

It would be customizable to individual needs in terms of calories, macros and micros. I don’t know how all of this stuff works but I’d imagine for a capsule to have nutrients equivalent to say, 2500 calories of healthy foods, it’d have to be pretty big or super dense and that’s just the 1 a day capsule. A 1 per month capsule, I would assume, would take some pretty advanced technology to achieve. Perhaps 1000 years from now, we’ll have a 1 per lifetime smart capsule that also monitors your body’s needs and adjusts nutrients appropriately, eliminating the need to eat altogether, for those who choose to anyway.

Sorry about that, looks like I left reality and went into the Sci-Fi realm. One can dream.


Just a comment concerning the time release food capsule:
Not gonna happen.
Not in this century anyways. Probably not.

We have Soylent now, which doesn’t waste anything, and still the dry powder (in my recipe) weights 600g per day - of which 90 is for proteins and 400 for energy.

I don’t see any way that we can put the necessary amount of energy into a capsule per day (or even 10 capsules per day) anytime soon, unless we learn to run on electrical energy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Have to remember that the 65$ for a one week thing is not buying a week of Soylent,. it’s getting a week’s supply as a reward for donating 65$ to the fundraising. The released version should be somewhat less expensive. The DIY threads mention prices, but those tend to be more expensive because they’re buying the stuff at retail mainly.

And yeah, I’d love the one-a-day all you can eat capsule… but something you can swallow isn’t going to be big enough to supply much of anything.


At least not right now. I know it’s completely different but we used to have computers that took up an entire room. Now we have stuff with more power that can sit on our fingertips. So who knows what will be possible in 50 years. Heck, imagine instead of a capsule, it’s in a form of vapor. A few deep breaths and you’re set for the day nutrition wise. Or perhaps something that is self sustaining and capable of producing/replicating nutrients at specified amounts within our body. One injection, set for life.

Okay, I’m starting to sound like a drug user and something like that could possibly go wrong and morph us all into zombies. If this is available in the future or someone makes a zombie movie based on this, remember that you read it here first. :smiley:


Heh. New ‘Brains In A Can!’ Ask for it by name!

I’d love the ‘one shot and done’ too… turn me green and I’ll sit outside reading a book for an hour a day for photosynthesis or whatever. :stuck_out_tongue: Mainly, I meant that if you group all the various nutrients needed, one pill would be the size of a baseball. "Not having to deal with storing, preparing and consuming food’ is the biggest reason I’m interested in Soylent. But having to choke down a tennis ball… XO


All-nutrient-dissoluble-powder (not necessarily Soylent itself) is the best thing we can hope to happen in our lifetimes.
Maybe some of us will live to see such powder entirely synthesized from inorganic compounds, but that’s all I dare to hope for.