Maybe new Soylent subsite idea


There’s Official Soylent and there’s DIY soylent, but both does not cover one idea I have…

What about Mod Soylent? Site where people showcase ways to do stuff with official Soylent like say adding flavors, baking cookies, so on.


It sounds interesting but what would the site do that the forums couldn’t?


Well, it would certainly be more organized than this:


Exactly and DIY soylent site code could easily be adopted to this too. So we has rates, how popular and such. Only thing not needed is completeness of recipe since official soylent is assumed to be complete of course.


If nothing else, I’d say it may deserve a new sub-forum heading ‘Mod Soylent’ or “Customizing Soylent”. If enough people like the idea, @codinghorror may add it to his to-do list.


I think the OP may have intended to say a new subforum, yes–in which case I completely agree, it’d be a welcome thing.


In that case I completely misunderstood. Haha. I would support it.


Absolutely not. I completely disagree with this concept in it’s entirety.

Sorry, what I meant to say was …Sure, sounds good to me


I’d made a suggestion like this here, but it never happened.


:thumbsup: +1 for new subforum “Soylent Mods” or “Soylent Recipes”


Perhaps you could bump the thread that I made?