Maybe why I don't like 1.4


It’s been rattling around in my brain for a while, this concept of “umami”, which I had never heard of before until fairly recently (I seem to recall first seeing it referenced in discussions of 1.4). It was an utterly foreign concept to me, and I couldn’t relate at all. In fact at first I thought it was a typo of “Edamame” which I have heard of and seen, but that’s the extent of my familiarity with them.

Anyway, I just read the Wikipedia page on umami, and now I think I have a possible idea of why I so disliked the taste of 1.4, once it started to register on me. If they’re trying to “hit” the umami flavor along with all the other tastes, then that would explain why it tasted so weird and unpleasant to me, as I don’t think I’ve ever consumed anything with umami (other than perhaps breast milk, as mentioned in the article… but I certainly have no memory of that).

It does concern me a bit that this is a deliberate target flavor, as I can’t imagine ever liking it since nothing I otherwise consume appears to have umami. Actually strike that, I just did a bit more research and supposedly carrots and potatoes are “umami rich”, and I occasionally eat the former and if french fries or potato chips count, then I’ve had the latter too. But that appears to be about all.

Is there anything known to counter or neutralize umami? Is it as simple as adding “sweet” to something? I’m thinking I need to plan ahead for future Soylent versions since it appears that this taste receptor is something they are intentionally aiming for.


Ha, that might explain why I like 1.4; I used to like MSG straight as a child…and I don’t mind it straight as an adult, I just have more sense than to sprinkle it directly into my hand now.


Yeah that’s probably got a lot to to with it then! The whole 1.4 issue is starting to make more sense to me now. I wonder if there is a correlation between those who don’t like the taste of 1.4, and an absence of umami-containing foods in their diet or history.


Interesting, just read through the umami wikipedia article. I was not familiar with this taste either.

I’ve been doing my own DIY soylent for about a year and a half now but when I saw folks reporting that they were getting orders quickly I decided to order and try some of the “official” Soylent. (Ordered on a Monday and it arrived on Saturday) So version 1.4 is the first version of Soylent I’ve tried.

I do not care for the taste of 1.4 on it’s own and I’m not sure what exactly it was that I didn’t care for. It is not salty or sweet to me but what really seemed off was that it makes my tongue feel… weird, almost a slight numbing effect maybe it is the coating sensation mentioned in the wiki article. Not sure if this is the umami taste sensation, but I don’t like it.

So I have been adding a little instant coffee, some peanut flour, and more than the normal amount of water to my 1.4 Soylent and I end up with a nice mild coffee/nut flavor that I like and I don’t get the effect on my tongue mentioned above.


Very interesting. So now I’m curious, after reading the wiki article and doing a quick search for “list of umami foods”, would you by chance say that you have not/do not consume/like much in the way of umami-type foods? I’m really curious now to see if there’s any correlation here.


seems to me that I also am not a fan of umami flavor, judging by the examples that are given in the wiki and their common flavors. Just seems to be a little “off”, in a slightly rancid way. I get the same thing from some wines, miso soup, crab rangoon, some seafood, etc. really gives me the creeps


yeah, the food lists I see have a lot of items I don’t eat. Excepting of course the meats and potatoes, I love a good steak and baked potato :smile:


I said in a previous thread that i thought 1.4 was “salty”, but i was really just assuming that was what i was tasting. I don’t really know what the taste is, but it’s disgusting. Not making me puke disgusting, but definitely making me not want more. If you have any previous version, just open the bag and smell it, then smell an open bag of 1.4. There’s no way you can convince me you think 1.4 has a better flavor. I need to invest in some proprietary vanilla extract. Apparently the secret formula was the secret to me liking soylent.