McDonalds should be Soylent


McDonalds should be Soylent. Not by serving the liquid form, but by serving absolutely balanced meal combos. Fast food restaurants change their recipes all the time. They should change their recipes to produce universally complete and balanced diets, craved proportionally to ones needs. And remember! We know from Soylent 1.0 that 100% nutrition can taste delicious.


They could probably do that by a) Whole grain bread b) Dumping the coke and fries c) unprocessed meat patties instead of processed meat patties d) More vegetables in their burgers e) giving freshly squeezed fruit juices instead of coke f) I am thinking they use soy oil, so they should switch to more healthier oil

Can they actually make burgers and other stuff using unprocessed meat? Also will they taste the same as the current ones with fruit juices if they do this? And will people embrace the new taste if it doesnt? Will those ingredients hold well in shipping and delivery?


You two geniuses should raise capital and start your own company! :smiley:


If there’s anyone who could find a way to make complete nutrition unethical and unhealthy, its Mcdonalds.


McDonalds should be Soylent - sure!

The creek running through my property should be beer, too.


We will be taxed and regulated out of existence :smile:


I’d back this kickstarter.


The key element in balanced fast food is how to balance ingredients with their production process.
Now accuracy is +/- 20% from their nutrition facts…


I meant if we start a ‘balanced fast food’ company not a balanced food company.


I was thinking more like by balancing out the macronutrients and adding micronutrients where possible, not so much completely changing to the menu of an expensive restaurant selling only whole foods. It would certainly cause an unrealistic taste change to most menu items, but a fast food restaurant could perhaps offer an auxiliary menu that would work like a complete regimented diet. I’m also thinking about lunchables or prepared fresh meal packages you get at convenience stores. I’m wondering how complete and balanced those “MRE” military meals are overall.

malove2play: “If there’s anyone who could find a way to make complete nutrition unethical and unhealthy, its Mcdonalds.” Your point seems sadly valid. Lots of people worry that official Soylent is unhealthy. I wonder what ways complete and balanced foods could become unhealthy if they hit mainstream and came in a wide variety of forms. I’m happy with official Soylent, but if I could afford it, would absolutely hire someone to make me a custom DIY out of better ingredients. I’m certain that the future will come with a wave of very low quality Soylents and/or completeness standards/tolerances.


I’ve always said that a lot of really healthy food is also very affordable and quick to prepare. Why can’t I go through a drive through and get a plate of veggies and hummus with some pita? Surely the price of carrot sticks isn’t prohibitive.


Adding a middleman to Soylent, be it McDonald’s or anyone else, would unnecessarily add to the expense and also violate the tenet of being as efficient as possible.

As far as a balanced diet goes, the term “balanced diet” is an indicator of an assumption people make but don’t realize they’re making, namely that individual foods, even “good” foods, aren’t balanced.

If in an effort to balance your diet you ate Food X for breakfast and Food Y for lunch and Food Z for dinner, and if Foods X, Y and Z together constituted a balanced diet then you’d be eating well, right?

Okay, so when the notion of eating Soylent, or whatever, comes along some folks say “Hey, it’s not balanced.” But Foods X, Y and Z only constitute a balanced diet over the course of a day. What if instead of eating Foods X, Y an Z for breakfast, lunch and dinner respectively you ate some of Foods X, Y and Z for each of breakfast, lunch and dinner? That’s the idea behind Soylent, namely you don’t have to go to the trouble of balancing your diet if everything you eat is balanced to begin with. People don’t get that. I’ve read many people say, basically, “But if you only eat Soylent then your diet won’t be balanced.”

It’s the same idea as is behind index funds in stock investing. Instead of investing a lot in this class and then a lot in that other class to balance it out, you invest in an index fund whose entire purpose is to invest in a balanced fund as you go.


I totally agree.
McDonalds and the likes should be pulverized, just as Soylent.
I`m not talking about the food though.


No way, man. I love my junk/fast food.

Some of us are able to maintain excellent health while occasionally eating stuff like this. Personally, I like to have a Big Mac before I set out on a mountain bike ride in the Rockies here. :blush:

Maybe they should just make the entrance just narrow enough for only skinny people to fit through!


This is the best idea I’ve heard all week.