MealSquares vs. Soylent

I tried MealSquares for almost a week and wrote about my experiences (compared with my 100% Soylent diet) in a blog post. I just thought I would share my experience and see what you guys thought. The post also mentions the many issues I have with living off of Soylent, so if anyone has any suggestions to resolve my issues, that would be cool too!


Finally, I have a continual craving for chocolate, cheese and bread, for reasons I don’t understand.

Hey, me too! To be fair, I had those cravings pre-Soylent too. Also, I would phrase my cravings as chocolate and pizza, because (Neopolitan) pizza is the pinnacle of cheese and bread.

I’d venture to say another problem is the price. I’m hoping the planned solid Soylent will be cheaper.

Powdered Soylent gave me acid reflux in the beginning but after about my third batch I stopped having issues.


Yeah, the price isn’t the greatest either, but I consider that being because they’re still in beta. Once they get out of beta and start scaling up production, I personally think the price should be comparable to Soylent.

Acid reflux comes and goes for me. I’m not sure what causes it.

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I have a monthly subscription for mealsquares. I don’t live on them full time. Occasionally I’ll eat them instead of rice or potatoes, or (more often) use as compact rations when I’m too busy for anything else. As an alternative to fast food. I did try a few times to eat nothing but squares all day. It actually worked pretty well, except towards evening I would get powerful cravings for FOOD and end up stuffing my face with whatever happened to be in the kitchen. It seems the squares don’t have enough fat to trigger my sense of satiety. Adding a little butter or cheese helps a lot. They work great as a reliable, convenient staple though.

The flavor isn’t very strong - you’re not missing much with the impaired sense of taste - but it’s good enough… Especially paired with half a liter of water in small sips to overcome the dry texture. Honestly, though, I’d rather it be a mild flavor than be hyper-palatable and end up eating too many. The dark chocolate chips add nice little bursts of chocolatey happiness so it’s not actually boring.

I like mealsquares’ philosophy of nutrition better than Soylent’s. There might be useful substances in traditional foods that we haven’t isolated yet, so hey, let’s make our rations out of natural stuff… I’m not against Soylent, though, and would like to try it sometime. I didn’t have very good results with my own DIY formula. Too much of a hassle to mix, and I’m conditioned to think of “food” and “drink” as separate things. Drives me batty if I don’t get to “eat”. My idea is to eat a square and wash it down with sips of pre-mixed Soylent. Food and drink, right? And maybe a little cheese on the side.

I should order some Soylent…

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I tried MealSquares. Immediate and lasting heartburn every time I had it. Also, it’s not portable because you need to prepare it by microwaving (maybe adding butter) and getting a glass of milk or else it’s very dry, and then the chocolate got everywhere. I was pretty disappointed in it in general.

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How long ago was that? I wonder if it was the same recipe they’re shipping currently.

Haven’t had any problems with heartburn (at least, any more so than with other foods) but the texture / moisture complaint is legit. It’s dry. Everyone who’s tried a sample of mine has said the same even without prompting. Yes indeed, slathering with salted butter and microwaving til the chocolate melts is the best way to make it taste good. No argument from me there.

But I found a more practical way: just wait til I’m hungry, real “it’s meal time” hungry not snack time. Then tear open a packet or two and dig in. Frequent sips of water. Eat the squares before any other foods in that meal. Hunger is the best sauce… I can do this while driving, no problem.

The texture isn’t bad, just different. I got used to it pretty quickly. Gotta wonder if pairing with Soylent would bring together complementary experiences though.

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Really debating on getting a 30 count of the MealSquare. I like Soylent but I understand the ‘food and drink’ concept versus ‘drinking my meal’. Something about chewing… lol

Would do a monthly subscription if it was cheaper. $90 for 30 or $85 for a subscription. Idk.

I liked the taste better then soylent, but it’s not something i could eat day in and day out. I would defiantly get sick of it.

The packaging and form factor is very nice, but it’s dry so i needed water to drink it with. Sometimes it’s turned out more convenient (when near a water fountain), sometimes not (when i needed to carry a water bottle anyways).

They did sit in my stomach nicer then soylent after eating, though i’m unsure if it lasted as long. Never really kept track.

Can’t comment on health as i couldn’t take eating more then 1 a day, but there was no obvious problems.

All in all it would make a nice sometimes thing, but i wouldn’t make it a staple of my diet.

I spoke too soon. Ended up doing a subscription - will do for only 2 months though. The people behind it seem to be intelligent and have their priorities straight. Will give it a shot!

I would love to try mealsquares but the Canadian dollar right now is soooo low. I will have to stick with Biolent for now until things change.

They don’t even ship outside of the US. Even if it would have been expensive, I would have liked to try one.

I live right on the border, I can just ship things to a depot and pick them up. Usually only takes 30 min to drive there and back.

Soon Joylent’s Twenny bars hit the market, then we have another dry complete meal product on the market. My experiences with Joylent are quite good and they have good flavors. Hope they will sell those MealSquares in EU, importing means shipping, sales TAX of around 20% and if customs get they snoopy hands on them you have to pay an extra fee for that as well.

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I hadn’t heard that Joylent was making bars! Just looked it up; they’re doing banana and chocolate flavors. Honestly, I’d like for a bar form to have flavors since it has to sit in the mouth for so much longer than a liquid would. But the cost of shipping Joylent to Canada is crazy high, unfortunately :sob: Hopefully we’ll get some more informative news about Soylent bars in the near future.

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I feel your pain :cry:

MealSquare taste pretty good… well, the chocolate chips at least. If they weren’t in there they would suck. All organic and has more Vitamin D and few other vitamins as well. Keeps me full longer than Soylent. But for the price I am better of sticking with Soylent. MealSquare is a self-startup in the beta stages so the price will eventually come down. But as of now, Soylent for me! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’ll be nice to see Soylent’s physical form.

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You mean Soylent 2.0 isn’t even its final form?!


Super Saiyan Soylent!

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FYI, I added a bunch of updates to the blog post correcting a lot of misinformation. MealSquares weren’t the cause of my energy, but they also didn’t increase sleepiness. All the problems that I mention in the post in regards to Soylent were solved by 1.6.