Mealtime divisions


I’ve finally got round to ordering my recipe: God, it stung but I’ve got high hopes.

Anyway, I’m now thinking about the practicalities of living on Soylent; how do you divide it up? I want to have two meals a day, one with zero carbs. Should I just have half my protein and fat then, or have more so both meals are of similar size? Split the fiber evenly?

Also, which micronutrients should go when? My specific supplements are choline, vitamin D + calcium, vitamin K, sulphur, creatine and Noopept. I get phosphorous, magnesium and iron mainly from soy protein and the rest from a multivit. Noopept in the morning, I take it?


I think the research on ‘when to take’ certain vitamins is ongoing. The main ones I know about are; before food, after food, morning, mid day, and before sleeping.

For me personally I take Vit D before I go to sleep, and it ends up helping me wake up in the morning, but it could also end up making you restless if you already have difficulty sleeping.


That’ll be a morning deal then – I’m hoping Soylent will make me sleep better, that’d just make things worse.