Meaningless contest: What would you name Soylent instead of Soylent


Meaningless contest: What would you name Soylent instead of Soylent?


Anything without soy in the title? lol


Introducting Soylent to new people is always an awkward experience. It always goes something like “… you can replace your meals with it because it’s nutritionally complete” “just add water” and “if you’re too busy.”

They get excited. They ask what it’s called.

I’ve been told it sounds like something that happens if you don’t get to a restroom fast enough. Aww man, I better go now before I Soylent.


SDCMR…Super delicious complete meal replacement…Nah, never catch on


Highly Nutritious Food Product


I like Soylent and my kids love to dramatically tell me “it’s people!!” every time they see me drinking it.


Vulcan’s Dinner

Baby formula! Now for adults! Similent


Easy Super Meals
Liquid Sustenance

and for 1.4:
SlimyMeal :wink:


Crème de la Jabba The Hutt

Bedroom Mystery


I think @axcho’s People Fuel has a clever name, but Soylent as a name has grown on me over time.


Should have been Groot.


Skywalker’s Force Food. :smile:


Eh, I actually like the Soylent name.


Yawye. You are what you eat. Because its people. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think a good name is CHEF, which stands for Cheap Healthy Easy Food. Perhaps I’m delusional but I’m so fond of this idea that I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the many Soylent copycats popping up steals it.


Totally not cocaine, nope just looks like it :wink:

^every piece of marketing would be required to have the entire title obvs



Just kidding. How about simply…FOOD

or: FOOD, Complete


MEGAFOOD, all caps. Done. Hire me, Rosa Labs.




We could pull out rob’s “Food 2.0”. But " Food 2.0 1.4" probably sounds weird.