Meaningless email marketing messages

I sometimes get promotional emails from Soylent that don’t convey any useful information to me as an existing customer of 2+ years. They appear to be targeted towards would-be customers that havent yet tried Soylent or maybe cut off their subscriptions. (Now, to be fair, I did cancel my powder+drink subscriptions a while ago, but have been purchasing 2.0 through Amazon since).

Here are a few email subjects I found in my inbox:

  • Spend less on soylent
  • Give Soylent another chance to improve your lifestyle
  • Over 1 Million Meals Donated and Counting

I would appreciate having the option to opt out of these kinds of emails that offer no meaningful information to me, and instead receive only emails that inform me of new products, sales, and other important news. In fact, when you click the unsubscribe button, we do get this option:

If instead you would like to change which lists you are subscribed to, or modify your other preferences, click here.

But clicking “here” only takes me to a page where I am allowed to change my email address. There are basically no subscription “lists” as described. So again, having the option to opt in to certain types of emails would be nice.


I’m with you there. Always excited to see a new email from Soylent, but 90% of the time it is just meaningless fluff. For a company founded by coders, their marketing is pretty remedial. Sick of that astronaut doing stupid shit in my email inbox…

In addition to the emails I also notice A TON of soylent ads on just about any site I go to now. I don’t mind them really, but it seems like a waste of money for the company. I already buy soylent. That said I don’t know if there’s anyway they could direct cookie based ads specifically to non-customers.

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Soylent isn’t flooding the internet with ads, it’s just that advertising companies know what sites you visit and tailor the ads you see accordingly. Look at a camera lens at Amazon: now there’s lens ads everywhere. Check out some RAM to upgrade you computer: now there’s RAM ads everywhere. Go to once: now there’s underwear ads everywhere.

You’re getting Soylent ads because you go to somewhat frequently, and advertising companies know it. They don’t really know or care that you already bought the stuff. They probably get paid more to put a targeted ad in your face, instead of a random one, even if the strategy they use to target you with is totally stupid. :confused:

Not really relevant to the email ads that the OP is talking about, of course. :space_invader:

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I knew the ads were cookie based (websites you’ve visited), but I assumed that the company advertised is the company paying out for the advertisement. I guess they probably do go through a larger advertising company to allow their products to be shown in the ads and I’m just taking a guess here that they pay out per click or something? Regardless, I guess it was kinda pointless to post about it. I just see them SO often, haha.

You should be able to unsubscribe easily, as that is required by law in the United States. If this isn’t the case, you should file a complaint with the FTC here (It is closed right now due to the government shutdown, though. It should return once our government can do their job.)

If they are indeed violating email guidelines set by the FTC, I doubt it’s actually Soylent sending them. I hold them to a much higher standard than that.

I don’t read this as the OP wants to unsubscribe, but rather that they want to only get more targeted messages. Sounds like the data mining algorithm went wrong and was sending them the wrong groups of messages.