Measuring 1.4 in ounces


Has anyone figured out the nutritional content of 1.4 in ounces? I just got my 1.4 and I normally keep track by ounces. This wasn’t a problem as I could find it that way in My Fitness Pal before but 1.4 is only in grams. Just contemplating figuring it out myself is giving me a headache so I am hoping someone else already has. I tried googling though and didn’t come up with anything.

If no one has, does anyone know if the calories are the same per ounce even though the ratios are not? I really only need to know my calories so if the calories are the same (or similar) I could just keep using the old soylent’s information.


i found soylent 1.4 in my fitness pal listed, just do a search for 1.4, its also broken down into 4ths instead of 3rds


1 ounce = 28.3495 grams
1 gram = 0.035274 ounces


I guess I should clarify, I mean ounces in volume not ounces in weight.


1 ounce = 30ml. Also echoing that 1.4 is listed in my fitness pal.


How do you prepare 1.4? There are 2000 calories in one bag. So half a bag is 1000 calories, etc. If you know the size of the container you prepare Soylent in you should be able to determine what % of calories are in each unit volume. Unfortunately it does depend on how much water you add!

For example, if your prepared Soylent is 2L that’s 67.6 fl oz. So Soylent is about 29.6 calories per fl oz.


Technically, ounce is a unit of mass, not of weight.
What you are looking for is fluid ounces.

I assume you are wanting it as prepared, or after water is added.

Prepared, it is 2,000 calories per 2 liters, or 1 calorie per milliliter.
29.5735 milliliters per fluid ounce, so 29.5735 (or 30 for simplicity) calories per fluid ounce.


Thank you! That’s perfect.


Also, the book that came with your order states that a 16 ounce glass is 500 calories. I use myfitnesspal as well, and it lists soylent 1.4 as 500 calories per serving.