Measuring dry soylent without official scoop

Yes, I know there is x servings per package and I could buy a really precise scale to weigh it. And, I know you cover measurements for the legacy and new soylent scoops. But, I share soylent with lots of people and advocate mixing it on a per meal basis. Please provide a conversion table or online calculator for people to reference by calories wanted or calories by fractions of a normal measuring cup, not the soylent scoop. I believe this will take some confusion out of preparation and my encourage wider adoption.

1 cup Soylent (not packed, not heaping) + 2 cups water = 1 500-kcal serving. Not exact, but certainly close enough.

If you want to get really exact, remove 2 teaspoons of Soylent from that cup before tossing it in.

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I found the DIY site a little helpful in calculating how many calories per gram. Still requires weighing.