Meat digestion and long term 100% Soylent usage


I’m curious how long term full-time Soylent usage will impact my gut bacteria. I was a vegetarian a number of years ago. When I transitioned back to eating meat after more than a year I experienced a lot of digestion pains. During this time I still consumed fish on occasion, yet beef still was too much to handle. Does anyone have an idea what kind of impact a 100% Soylent diet will have? Will it be similar to long term vegetarianism (*pescetarianism)?


I imagine it would be the same. A coworker of mine has been a pescatarian for several years and if he accidentally eats any beef/chicken/pork he regrets it later.

And yes, accidental meat consumption does happen. He ate a pizza once that had some chicken on it without noticing.

I personally don’t plan on going 100% Soylent, so I don’t think this will be a problem for me.


Chowing Down On Meat, Dairy Alters Gut Bacteria A Lot, And Quickly

Check out this article on gut flora and how it changes with diet.

“The relative abundance of various bacteria species looked like it shifted within a day after the food hit the gut,” David says. After the volunteers had spent about three days on each diet, the bacteria in the gut even started to change their behavior. “The kind of genes turned on in the microbes changed in both diets,” he says.

In particular, microbes that “love bile” — the Bilophila — started to dominate the volunteers’ guts during the animal-based diet. Bile helps the stomach digest fats. So people make more bile when their diet is rich in meat and dairy fats.

It looks like the lack of Bilophila in a vegetarian’s gut might cause problems digesting meat. But if they started eating meat again the bacteria would change and adapt to the new diet quickly.


I’m using a company Rob mentioned (uBiome) to answer this question for my own body. I sent the “pre” test in this morning for analysis and will be retesting a few weeks after I start on Soylent to observe any changes.


Easy solution: don’t go 100% Soylent - by all that is holy in this universe, eat! and eat well! Have steaks and barbecue and salmon and special pizzas and omnomnomnomnomomnomnomnomfooooooooood.


There was a point in my life where I was a pescatarian for almost 8 years. I found during an elimination diet that fatty meats were making me sick. I eliminated all meats from my diet. I kept trying small amounts of meat over the years with bad results.

One day I tried eating meat and didn’t get sick/hurt at all. I started reintroducing meat into my diet and within a few weeks I found I no longer needed to avoid it. I’ve been good as an omnivore again for the last 5 years, no issue at all.

All this to say that your gut biome seems to recover if there aren’t other factors limiting growth in there. Still not sure what my deal was but boy am I glad I can have steak again. Over 7 years of grilling for everyone without being able to eat it… Grilled veggies and fish just don’t fill that gap for me. Although I did get really fantastic at grilling fish and vegetables.