Meditation —> stress relief —> less eating

A tip for those looking to lose weight but struggling with their appetite.

I’ve finally started losing weight after past efforts failed, and the surprising thing is that it started to happen without me trying, or even noticing at first. I simply became happy, and felt less of a need to eat as a response to sadness and anxiety. For me, becoming happy partly involved luck (finding loving friendships) and partly involved a concerted effort. One vital tool in that concerted effort is meditation.

I recently took up daily meditation and the benefits have been extraordinary. The relief of stress and anxiety from meditation has allowed me to maintain a significant daily calorie deficit without feeling too hungry. I can’t recommend the app Headspace strongly enough. It provides free guided meditations for absolute beginners. Once again the tech industry has enabled me to almost effortlessly improve my life.


Looks like only the first 10 days are free, then it’s a subscription model.

After ten sessions, you’ll know how to meditate without the audio guidance, and if you still want to be guided, you can always simply repeat the first ten sessions. In any case, by the time you’ve finished the first ten sessions, you’ll know whether the next thirty sessions are worth $13 to you.

I did the first 10 lessons and the next ones were not worth the price to me, so I went to the Calm app, which costs less.

I agree that a lot of people use food as self-medication; I know I do.

I know there’s a lot of meditation apps out there, but I quite like Buddhify.

Or look up meditation stuff on the net for free? :stuck_out_tongue:

Like some kind of pauper??? Buddha was a prince!