Medium Chain Triglycerides for Fat


Has anyone tried using MCT instead of olive or grapeseed oil? It seems a bit pricier in exchange for improved absorption and lower risk of inflammation. Olive oil is mostly longer chain, oleic and linoleic acid. Coconut oil seems high in MCT, perhaps this is part of the reason for its alleged health benefits.

I have not tasted any yet, though. Just wondering if someone else has tried this yet, or MCT in general.


Rob, I consume coconut oil and MCT oil (processed from coconut oil) practically daily. It’s the first substitute I would apply to the soylent recipes floating around. When cold pressed, coconut oil has a strong coconut flavor (a benefit over olive oil for smoothies), the more refined it is the less flavor it has. MCT oil is flavorless.

The one draw back to coconut oil in cold mixtures is that it is solid below room temperature so it might not emulsify well without a good blender. This does not occur with MCT oil.


I plan to use a mix of mainly coconut oil and olive oil in my recipe when I start trialling it in a couple weeks. Just waiting for ingredients to arrive. I use coconut oil now for cooking any meats etc in the fry pan.


I’m trying out coconut oil right now. As Tim said, the flavour is fine. It ranges from a slight coconut taste to none at all. The problem is the texture.

Yesterday, I mixed a batch for almost five minutes with an electric mixer. It was still chunky. The flavour was fine, but the chunks were kind of gross. Most people would have spit it out.

Today I mixed a batch with half olive oil and half coconut oil. I melted the coconut oil and mixed it with the olive oil. Then I mixed in the dry ingredients and the water. I didn’t notice any chunks and it tasted about the same as an olive oil mix.

Tomorrow I’m going to try a mix with only melted coconut oil. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Coconut oil and MCT’s are nearly 100% saturated fat. It would probably be worth taking a look at some polyunsaturated sources also, specifically for Omega 3 and Omega 6 intake.


Some amount of saturated fat is really good for you. I’m a vegetarian, and I try to make sure I get a steady supply of saturated fat from coconut milk and cheese into my diet. I notice that when I’m consuming a diet with very little saturated fat, I feel more depressed, tired, and weak.

Also, the saturated fats in coconut oils are different from the fats you would be getting in, say, bacon.


mine formula currently has
flaxseed oil 10g
olive oil 30g
MCT 30g
heavy cream 150g

which is 70g of SFA 40g of MUFA, 12g of PUFA from which is 5.8g omega6 and 6.05g omega3

my soylent is low carb, so i find proper combination of fats as very important.

i tried coconut oil, but it solidified and wasnt tasty


@fronema, I’ve been looking to come up with a good low carb version for my wife. Do you have a list of your ingredients that I might be able to look at?


I have been using a mixture of coconut oil and olive oil at a ratio of about 1:3 for about two weeks now. The coconut oil adds nicely to the flavor of the mix (although too much and it becomes overwhelming) and I haven’t had any troubles with getting it blended smoothly.


my spreadsheet is here
but i use products from local eshop so you will not understand my links.


@lentinic how long are you blending it to get it smooth? The virgin coconut oil I got is more like virgin coconut brick.


I’ve been using only coconut oil for the past three days. The trick I’ve found is to warm it up first so that you can get it completely mixed in before it starts to cool down and solidify.

Done properly, it makes a nice smooth texture and it seems to add less flavour than the olive oil. I don’t need as much sweetener with it. The big bonus is that I only need a few fish oil pills to perfectly balance my omega3 / omega6 fatty acid ratio.

If anyone wants to try it, I can give you the full details.


I just mix it with my (cheap) immersion blender for about a minute. Are you refrigerating it? If so - it really doesn’t need to be.


Yesterday, I made a batch with 1 part coconut oil to 2 parts olive oil. I warmed up the coconut oil in a small pot before stirring it into the other ingredients.

The taste was vastly superior to versions with olive oil alone. The disgustingness of Soylent was almost completely gone.

In the refrigerator, the coconut oil did not rise to the top and solidify, unlike a version that used only coconut oil. It was more viscous than versions with olive oil alone, but that was easily cured by mixing in a little more water and warming it up slightly.


No, mine is stored straight in the cupboard.


Currently I consume a tablespoon of MCT Oil every morning with a smoothie.
It was a big step up from the coconut oil.
I have yet to try out Soylent, still researching. :stuck_out_tongue:


So, I ordered three lbs of MCT Powder from TrueNutrition last week without doing the cost calculations first. Silly. 3lbs @ $14.99 per plus tax and shipping came out to $60.29. Which, if relied on solely for fat comes to $2.66 per day ( for 60gm / 40gm actual fat content ). Way too expensive. I’d cut it with a cheaper oil powder if I could find one for a decent price ( or not in crazy 25kg bulk quantities ). Anyone have any leads?

I know I could cut with actual oil and that would bring the price down for sure, but I’d like to maintain the convenience of an all powder soylent formulation.


Nevermind - forgot to account for the fat content of my Soy Lecithin. That brought the cost right down. :slight_smile:


For those using coconut oil, you might consider this product.

The nutrition profile is mostly fat, and the consistency is super creamy. I compare it to using heavy cream, but of course it’s dairy free, and doesn’t harden like using pure coconut oil.


Most Asian grocery stores also sell powdered coconut milk, if you want an all powder thing, though the fat content is lower than regular coconut milk.