Mesh size examples?


There keep being more and more delays because soylent is focusing so much on “mouth feel” and “mesh size”

Are there any examples of how much of a difference this is going to make? With the number and length of the delays because of this issue I feel like I’m going to be disappointed if soylent ends up being anything less than perfectly smooth.

A 1000 mesh size rice protein could be great but if everything else is anything less than that will it even make a difference?


From what I’ve heard, it makes a significant difference. I’d say the mouth feel is very important, eating this needs to be a pleasant experience or its not going to work out I will maintain that one of the worse things a company can do is sacrifice quality in the name of a deadline. The initial release is a crucial period where many people will try it for the first time, and if they don’t like it then, they are likely to never try again. People will get upset and complain about delays, but when you do get your product out, they will generally leap on it. Of course, if you let them down then its even worse.

In this case, the beta testers complained about it being chalky. With the fine mesh, it was described as smooth. That seems like a big difference to me.

When you factor in all of the delays that switching would add on as well, waiting on the better quality is the clear choice.


But smooth compared to what? Previous, chalky versions? compared to other protein/meal powders? Smooth compared to milk or water?

Switching now would add on to the wait definitely. I’m just wondering just how much of a difference this rice powder change will make. With all of the weeks and months of delays this single change has caused I’m expecting and will be disappointed if this isn’t any smoother than every other protein powder I’ve tried.


My understanding is that it’s rice protein in particular that is chalky. So this would be the smoothest of available rice protein powders, not necessarily smoother than other protein powders.


I have a several samples of rice protein coming, but I’m not sure if it will come before Soylent as it was just ordered this week. I’ll report back when it does.

In the meantime I can say that I expect it to be a profound difference. While playing around with my DIY recipes using masa harina I have had the opportunity to use a few different brands. The difference in the particle size is definitely noticeable.