Metabolic Pathways


I looked at this image as proof of a need for a Soylent conceptual primer, for the sake of safety. But it’s fascinating in general. Thoughts?


How do you read this chart?

@jatwood - Why did I have to type “How do you read this chart?” instead of “How do you read it?”. Seriously man, them word limits ain’t working.


Interesting, it looks like this was a multi-layered image that highlighted pathways of 10 different metabolisms, of which you had Carbohydrates highlighted when you copied the image.

Do you have a link to the original website? I think it might be easier to read if you were able to shift between the different sections versus having just 1 highlighted.


This is beyond my understanding, but it’s pretty so I sought the source. While the corner clearly says [Kanehisa Laboratories][1], their site got me nowhere. A reverse image search was also no good. I did find very similar, but not sure if it’s the origin or just a collection:
The bottommost section has images.


Try this…


I hope it’s not rude to revive such an old topic, but I happen to recognize this as a KEGG map.
Another good web resource for human metabolism is HumanCyc.