Method to clean bottles and pitchers



How about a superhydrophobic water bottle/pitcher? Wouldn’t that be really awesome for Soylent? :slight_smile: every drop of Soylent would come out… The powder wouldn’t clump on the sides when mixing… And the cleaning would be very fast!

Kinda like this:


That would be a dream, but if I understand correctly most if not all current (super)hydrophobic coatings are currently pretty toxic/leaching…:weary:


Quick google tells me there are plenty non toxic superhydrophobic coatings/sprays


I have not looked into it recently, my bad. Your right! This is exciting!

Still do prefer titanium bottles tho as it possesses some anti microbial properties


:wink: superhydrophobic coated titanium bottles


I need this. Especially a Soylent branded one, because yeah. >.>


I believe ‘vessyl’ said something about using a stick free glass. Not sure how hydrophobic it is though. Although frictionless materials should have a similar effect when used in a container. There was one being developed that not even the most adhesive bacteria could stick to. I don’t know for sure how it works though, the article I read didn’t go into much detail other than what it can do.


From some of the superhydrophobic coatings I’ve see, it says that oils (even from handling it with bare hands) can break down the coating.


The LiquiGlide website gives more details on how it works. It doesn’t have that issue.

It was invented while looking for a solution for (non-edible) oil.


I use my wife.