Micro and macro nurtient content of Soylent? Calories per serving?


I am looking at the main page(https://campaign.soylent.me/soylent-free-your-body), and skimmed the threads in here. Also tried googl’ing this and couldn’t find any information.

I’m curious what the macro nutrient breakdown of Soylent is per serving? And how many servings are considered one days worth of meals? I see you can order one week’s worth of supply or one months. What exactly does this amount to?

Specifically I’m curious to know:

Total calorie count


  • Sugars, Fiber


  • Saturated, Unsaturated(both mono and poly)

Also, the micronutrient breakdown of the added vitamins and minerals. Basically if you were to slap an FDA nutrition label as all foods and even many supplements do, what would it be?


Definitely interested in this as well. Additionally, as a newbie to Soylent Discourse, I’d like to know how Soylent plans on personalizing the calorie/protein/carb content for each person - obviously not everyone needs the same amount of each thing. Will mass-produced Soylent be very flexible, with instructions on how to safely alter your dosage to suit your personal needs (ie, an instruction booklet saying “To reduce calories, cut X. To increase protein, do Y.”)?


I e-mailed them yesterday too, haven’t heard back. I’m curious to try it, but $65 or $230 is a lot without knowing the macro breakdown of it, let alone the calories. One person’s caloric surplus could be another person’s starvation diet. If they’re going by the FDA “recommended” Daily Values (what the FDA food labels are based on) then that’s only a 2000 calorie per day diet, which is too little for anyone except women and skinny, sedentary males. Also, If you’re doing any type of strength training or play an intense sport you need at least 1g/ protein per pound of bodyweight.


According to that blog post by Rob from 2 months ago, one of his trials was 2629 calories/day and was 409g of carbs, 65g of fat, and 105g of protein. Is that what’s being sold?


Eek! I hope not. I only eat 1200-1500 calories a day. 2000+ would make me gain insane amounts of weight.

Really though what I want to find out is how flexible the formula is. What if I eat a bunch of pizza (or other high-cal real food that is not an even balance of macros) and then want to change my Soylent intake to make up for that? Will that be possible?


I really want to know how many calories each serving has and don’t understand why Rob and Co don’t post this info. I like eating and hope to use Soylent as he suggested: when I don’t have time to prep a healthy, nutritious low-calorie meal.


Per this article, it’s 1000 calories per liter. Yikes! I won’t be wasting precious calories that would be more fun to eat.


I don’t believe it is going to be 1,000 per liter, unless you mix it that way. While I don’t remember the number off the top of my head I believe the standard Soylent was somewhere around 2,000 calories a day. In theory the packaging shouldn’t really matter, and you should be able to section off how much you would like to have for a meal.

As a very imaginative example:
2,000 calories = 4 cups of powder
Which means that you could take 1/4 cup and get 500 calories.
Or a 1/3 cup to get 660 calories.

You may have to measure a little bit more (very little) than someone who just consumes Soylent.


whimsical: I assume you are a woman, to have a caloric intake so low. The women’s formulation is supposed to have less calories and different micronutrient profile.


Andrewf- yep, I’m a woman. I wasn’t aware that there were two separate formulas, my bad! That makes a LOT more sense, it was totally confusing me for a while there.

Still though, will the formula be customizable? Like say someone wants to change their body comp by upping protein and lowering carb content. Is this possible with the massproduced soylent or will you have to sort of “re-manufacture” the product by buying your own additional whey and stuff and adjusting the proportions? (note: I have no idea what I’m talking about so I apologize if that makes no sense)


I think Soylent Corp has said there will be two formulations (one for each men/women) to start (as part of the crowdfunding), though I can imagine more variants in the future if demand is high (different macro profiles–low carb, low calorie, etc.).


Oh, and yes, you can certainly add a scoop of protein or carbs, etc. if you want. But you would be bumping up the calories as well.