Micronutrient requirements in higher calorie diets


I’ve been putting together a ~2400 calorie DIY recipe since I’ve become more active (and had some changes in ingredient preferences), and I’m not sure whether to aim for 100% or 120% of the recommended intake of micronutrients.

One of my main thoughts is that micronutrient amounts can scale for different reasons. A person could require 2400 calories because they exercise a lot, or because they just have large bodies with many cells to keep operational. I think we know sodium needs to be scaled up with exercise, but do we know about any others?

When people ask about getting enough micronutrients while on 1500 calories of official Soylent, we tell them to not worry; it’ll probably be fine. In my case, though, I’m trying to optimize a DIY recipe for my own nutritional requirements, and I have a choice about how much of each ingredient I want. Does anyone know of particular ingredients whose requirements do or do not scale up with exercise?


I’ve seen no evidence that micronutrients scale with calorie needs. All micronutrient requirements I’ve seen change with age and gender but not body size or caloric intake. Our standard response of “don’t worry” may indeed be wrong or at least not yet backed by scientific evidence that I am aware of.