Micronutrient shake critique


Hi there. Im doing a veggie shake similar to this one from Rhonda Patrick. Im tracking the ingredients, and so far i got twelve times the RDA for Vit A among others Stats. Is it possible to have hypervitaminosis from any of these? Keep in mind that i plan to take it 3-4 times a week, and that i drink 15ml of lysi’s cod liver oil daily. No multivitamin involved.

I was told that I can increase the beta carotene ammount and lessen the retinol because it can be toxic at that quantity. 95% of that retinol comes from the cod liver oil I take. I guess i’ll have to replace it with regular fish oil. Also, do you have any other comment? Thanks.


I don’t understand why you would want this. If someone wants a salad or a veggie stir fry, that is great - I eat things like that a lot. But why throw it all in a blender and pulverize it, then eat it for breakfast? Why not have some Soylent instead? Then you won’t have to worry about overdosing on cod liver oil.


Because i would like to make something myself, know everything about it, be sure of what’s in it. Natural. Add more zinc ,nitrates, etc at my will. I ditched the cod liver oil and replaced it with something else, so there’s nothing to worry.