Microwaving soylent?


I’m just curious how soylent would taste if warmed up and wanted to know if microwaving it is okay? (ie. would it retain the same texture and nutritional properties if nuked for a couple minutes!)


I can’t find the original post, but I also remember Rob saying he’d conducted “heat tests” and that 200ºF was the upper threshold. Microwave ovens don’t typically go above 212ºF when cooking food (this is an oversimplification since microwaving is a different process than simply heating up), so I’d say just be careful.

I can’t imagine it would taste very good, but then oats, potatoes and rice are usually cooked before consumption so I could be wrong there. I’m interested in how it tastes, do let me know! Sorry I couldn’t offer more concrete answers…


Just don’t let it boil and it will probably be fine. I did it with 1.3 and added a sweetener and it was good.


Haven’t some people been baking Soylent into cookies and brownies and things? I would assume the temperatures for those would be fairly high.


The main problem with temperature is that Soylent becomes very thick if boiled. That isn’t a problem with solid food. I have no idea about nutritional effects.


I can’t vouch for the taste of Soylent after microwaving it. However, microwaving Soylent powder for 2.5 minutes will remove all of the saponins from the oat flour and some of the oxylates, polyphenols, and phytic acid. I doubt that Rosa Labs heat treats or microwaves the oat flour that they use.


Here’s some research.


Interesting. I want to try warm soylent, but not till much later, temp is at 90s here now.