Might be getting my hands on a week of 1.0. Any tips?

I might be getting a week’s worth of Soylent 1.0, and I plan on going 100% to see how it affects me. What are some things I should remember in order to make this little experiment run as smoothly as possible? (Pinch of salt? Soaking overnight? Blender Bottle?)

I want to limit my caloric intake to 1500-ish, but I’d like to make no more than a day’s-worth at a time. What would the measurement of 1500 calories be? How many cups of powder?

My main tip would be - don’t go from zero to 100% on any version of Soylent - especially 1.0. Pretty much every report I can recall seeing about people who did so, ended up being fairly negative or at least unpleasant. It’s just an extreme shock to your system and 1.0 especially tends to cause extreme gas issues for most people. I think you’re asking for a rather unpleasant time if you try this.

My usual advice has been to replace a single meal - probably breakfast since it’s amazing how Soylent in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Gradually work up to 2 meals a day over a period of several days to a week. Then maybe up to 3 meals per day if you’re feeling truly ambitious. Personally I’ve only ever gone 24 hours on Soylent alone I think maybe once or twice, since I just find I’m in the mood for something else at least once every day.

As for consumption, your best bet is to mix up an entire pouch with roughly 2 liters of water (slightly less I believe is the actual correct amount) and drink as your body tells you it needs it. It’s been recounted many times that somehow “Soylent calories” are not the same as conventional food calories, and most people seem t find that they don’t need the same number of Soylent calories, as they did from conventional food. Everyone is unique though of course but it’s what I’ve experienced and seen from many others.

Good luck whatever you choose to do!

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And these three things too. @LWolfe

Unfortunately, I’ll only have a week of it, so taking a week to ease into it seems silly. I’m in Canada, and I could barely afford the Soylent itself, let alone paying for a reshipper. I just happened to find someone selling off a week on Craigslist.

Maybe I should just use it as a breakfast and lunch thing? Mix up 2 meals-worth the night before?

Now I don’t know what to do… :stuck_out_tongue:

Invest in gas masks.

Yeah I think if you were to jump straight to 2 meals per day Soylent, you may be fine. That’s pretty close to what I did, since at the time barely anyone had Soylent yet so none of us knew any better. :smiley: But many posts around these parts have recounted have much happier folks have been when they have their “usual” dinner (it’s usually dinner for whatever reason… for myself as well). Then again… it is only a week and hey, it’s an experience right? You could just go for it. :wink:

If you ease into it then your week will last longer than a week. :smiley:

Also, you don’t have to drink a full serving for each meal. If, for example, you do half a serving for breakfast and a full serving for lunch, your week will last two weeks (and it will be easier to stay under 1500 calories).

I second the recommendation of making a whole pitcher at once. Mix it up the night before and let it soak before adding the oil. And if you are eating normal food for at least one meal, you my not need to add salt - I found it alters the taste, and my normal dinner meal generally provides enough.

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Move your desk to the window for ventilation so other people dont die of the fumes.

On serious thought I think the latest version is better regarding gas issues.

Even if you are replacing only 2 meals still mix up the whole bag and keep in fridge. It should last 3 days minimum with proper storage. This way you can as previously mentioned adjust the amount you drink according to your need at the time.

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Hmm. Perhaps I’ll go with a muggle breakfast (since that’s the easiest meal for me), and Soylent for the rest of the day…

I’m sure this has been hashed out over and over, but how many calories per 250ml of prepared Soylent? It would make it so easy to track!

And I will definitely look in to gas masks for the whole family!

If you mix up the whole batch, that is 2 L. The package has about 2000 calories (or close enough). So it is close to 1 calorie per ml. 250 ml would be about 250 calories.

I couldn’t ask what part of Canada? I’m in Edmonton and I have plenty extra of 1.1 and 1.2.



1 cal per ml? That make it crazy easy! :smiley:

I’m all the way on the other side, unfortunately. Just outside Vancouver.

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Since you only have a weeks supply, have you considered trying a diy recipe if everything goes well on the official stuff? Just curious.

As a fellow Canadian, I opted to skip the whole reshipper/reseller hassle and went straight to trying a diy. Works out cheaper in the long run so long as you find good prices on the ingredients. Should add I’ve only been on it for about 2 weeks now, replacing both breakfast and lunch.

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As a fellow Canadian, I thought about the DIY a lot. However, I found it a hassle encountering the “don’t ship to Canada” notices on everything I wanted to order from Amazon and other places. Not the macro’s of course because I didn’t want to ship all those, but the smaller ingredients.

But I’m fairly well off these days so decided to go with the reshipper. If the 1.3 version works for me, I might be offloading some of my 1.1 and 1.2 for shipping costs.


I went 100% from the get go, and it took me about a week to get any positive experience from it. So fully recommending this advice, since you only have a weeks worth.

I’ve also thought about DIY, but I don’t really know how to begin, and in any case, most of the ingredients are at least 50% more expensive up here. It doesn’t seem particularly cost effective…

I also looked in to 100% Food, since they ship up here, but the shipping is, like $80, plus the exchange rate, it winds up being about $400 for a month. Way to pricey for me.

Eve, I’d totally be interested in buying it off you, providing this goes well!

livingparadox - I’d eventually like to be 100% on some form of liquid food, but for the time being, since my options are limited, I think it would be smart to try to spread it out to improve my current diet and make it last longer.

I’m thinking half a pitcher per day. I can fill the caloric gap with muggle food.


Wont water too be there in it? I dont know i havent ordered or mixed up soylent yet.

Of course water is there. When you prepare the mixture according to package directions, it is two litres. Which is 2000 ml which is about 2000 calories. I’m not understanding the question.


I’ve got a week of 1.0 that I’ll never use. If you’ll pay the shipping I’ll send it to you free. I tried one meal of it and just couldn’t get into it. I thought it needed chocolate, LoL. I’m in the United States (Arizona), no idea what the shipping to Canada would be but I’ll send it if you want it. Or if someone else wants it, that’s fine too but I’ll give @LWolfe first dibs on it if they let me know in the next few days. Email me at dsnorco@earthlink.net if interested. Put the word Soylent in the subject line – this is a screened address so I only get a daily summary of messages, nearly all are spam so that’s the only way I’d know it was you.

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Never mind, i understood what you said.