Migraine Headaches


I started drinking Soylent and about 4 weeks into using it I started developing migraines. If I touch one I will get a migraine with in about 45 minutes. My vision goes crazy and the pounding starts in under an hour. I haven’t had migraines in years, but this has caused me not to even touch the stuff now.

Has anyone experienced this or know of a solution?


Are you certain it’s the Soylent? Usually the doctor will have you try eliminating certain foods (chocolate, cheese, etc) one at a time, to see which one makes the symptoms disappear.

If Soylent is the only new food in your diet, it might be the culprit, but it might not be. Try stopping Soylent for a bit, see if the migraines stop, and if it does, then try another Soylent and see if it causes a migraine. If it does, then you found your culprit.


Yes, I’m very certain. There is no doubt given what my diet has been, which is very consistent and when Soylent became part of it. If I drink one, I will get a migraine. Causation and correlation are 1:1. I don’t think everyone’s experience will be the same, but if you’re susceptible to migraines, be warned. Yes, I’ve also seen my Doctor about it, in fact today I saw them today and they agreed something in this was a trigger for me. Who knows what it is.

I’ve have gone a long time without having Migraines. I drink a Soylent, bam, get Migraine. I think to myself, where did that come from? Next morning, I drink a Soylent, another migraine hits me. I then wait a few days, then I grab another Soylent, bam another migraine. I don’t know what other proof you need, but that was enough for me. I haven’t had another Soylent and I haven’t had anymore migraines.

Which sucks, because I really enjoyed the Cacao flavored drink.

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I did experience something similar a long time ago, back when I tried Soylent 1.0 and 1.4. Never figured out the exact reason, only had some theories. Only thing I “know” is that it is something that is “wrong” with me… But I been using a similar product for some months now without any problems (I am from europe, so I only had official Soylent that I had sent to me from other forum members).

For me the headache was from the back of my neck, which I have later pin pointed to be my lymph nodes that are tensing up and becoming painful. My eyes would get tired/fuzzy and I would become sleepy also.

If you want to get to the bottom of it, you would have to talk to a doctor about the exact reason for you.
(Only thing my doctor pointed out could be the reason is infection/virus + very low vitamin D)


I should add, that the soylent back then indeed seem to trigger the symptoms, but it is more a underlying problem that you might have to get looked into if it is similar to me. (Suggest starting with getting a blood test for vitamin D + calcium perhaps)


I wonder if your body was unused to getting proper amount of potassium? Many diets is rather lacking on that. I did get headaches at 1.1 powder but faded out and none since.

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I’ve been drinking Soylent 2.0 for over a year and I haven’t seen a change in migraines. I get a series of really bad migraines every few months and I get a particular feeling and some visual hallucinations when I’m close to one. 2.0 is not a trigger for me. I tried 1.6 or 1.7 and it made me really nauseous, but also didn’t trigger a migraine the two times I drank it. The reason I drink 2.0 is actually to prevent another type of headache I get all the time. I’m pretty sure the weird slow sugar (Isomaltulose) is what helps me. I would try beet juice to verify, but eww, gross.

Which Soylents are triggering for you? Cacao flavor Soylent Drink contains cocoa powder which contains caffeine. The Cafe’s all contain coffee powder, also caffeine. Even the smallest amount of caffeine will trigger a migraine for me. I haven’t had so much as a chocolate chip in 20 years. If it’s the regular 2.0 drink or powder then you could try the other one (drink/powder) and, if there’s no migraine, look at the ingredient differences between them. If it’s both, then save yourself, give up on Soylent.

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I was primarily drinking the Cacao flavored drink. My migraines start when my vision goes wonky and then everything turns white. I can see around the outside edges.

Are these produced in clean conditions? Has anyone seen their facilities?


Are you drinking plenty of water with your Soylent? Dehydration is one of the biggest culprits behind headaches. Soylent alone will not properly hydrate the body, it says as much in the paperwork they send with every shipment.

… something else to consider is the chocolate. My mother has a mild reaction to chocolate which causes migraine headaches whenever she eats it.


I’d take this as a very interesting result and something you might be able to use to track down an even more specific trigger for you. Look at the broad components and then see ‘if I have something else with x in it do I get a migraine?’. If you do, you can then avoid other foods with that component in them.


Interestingenough i have been having really bad migraines for the past few months. I have been taking soylent as a meal replacement for a week and I have found that my migraines are almost gone.


I only get migraines when I drink the caffeinated versions of Soylent. Chai, Cacao, or the Vanilla one. I have no idea what causes them, but the same thing happens when I use the caffeinated versions of those little bottles of concentrated flavor you add to water. I’m assuming there’s a correlation .

Does it happen when you have the non-caffeinated versions of Soylent - like Strawberry, Chocolate, or Plain?