Milk as soylent medium?


What with all different ways to do soylent, I wonder if it was possible to use milk as replacement for some nutrients as well as carb source?


I’m sure you could. I’ve also seen some recipes that use heavy cream or the like as a partial fat source. The only downside is that it does make Soylent less portable.


Not only does it make Soylent less portable, it also increases the cost quite a bit in comparison to water.


Makes sense. It might be worth a try if I cannot stand normal soylent taste. I went in for week worth so let’s see what happens then. :slight_smile:


Check this topic.


Yeah. Good read. There is definitely good points on both sides.


Anyone think the Sat Fats are too high?


I add 200g of full fat milk just for some extra calories and the nicer texture and taste. Not very cost efficent but there is always milk lying around in the fridge, so why not :stuck_out_tongue: