Minerals in whey protein isolate?


I didn’t realize this before, but the USDA lists many vitamins and minerals in whey protein isolate

Should I assume that these numbers are true for all “whey isolate” products?

Including this, for example? GNC Whey ISO Burst

Because in my DIY recipe I’ve been assuming it only contains what’s written on the label :sweat:


I would include the USDA info in your recipe. Most product labels are incomplete, they are not required to list everything, so most don’t.


The thing is, the protein ratio is different from the USDA info. The USDA says 100g of whey isolate has 58.14g of protein, where as the label on the GNC product says 100g has 88.88g protein.

It’s hard to tell what happened to the other nutrients …


Is it possible you’re comparing whey concentrate to whey isolate?


Possible, but the product is called “whey iso” and the description on the website says “Pure Whey Protein Isolate, Made Entirely From All Natural Ingredients, Trans Fat and Cholesterol Free”


Different brands of whey protein isolate can vary a lot in purity - the kind used in most recipes is 90% protein by mass (or 88.88%) whereas apparently the brand you are using is 60% purity. The nutrition will be different as well.