Minerals not listed on the nutritional facts label


The wikipedia page for cacao powder lists the following minerals per 100g

Calcium     128 mg
Iron        3.86 mg
Magnesium   499 mg
Manganese   3.837 mg
Phosphorus  734 mg
Potassium   1524 mg
Sodium      21 mg
Zinc        6.81 mg

None of these minerals are listed on the nutrition facts label on the container I have (from the local grocery store).

I can’t take a picture as I’m not home right now, but it looks roughly like this image I found on google:

What should I believe?


Trust the USDA database:

Cocoa powder here:


Thanks for the quick response :smile:


Those values are pretty low compared to the RDA. Factor in that it is per 100g and the serving size (1 TBsp) is 5g, and cut them to 5%. So yeah, the cocoa powder does not contribute much.

Also consider that very few nutrients are required to appear on the food label. This makes it difficult to measure what is actually in what you are eating unless you consult the USDA database which is more complete, but not guaranteed to match your specific product.


See here for the official FDA answer on this: http://www.fda.gov/Food/GuidanceRegulation/GuidanceDocumentsRegulatoryInformation/DietarySupplements/ucm070597.htm#4-7