Mint Chocolate (new flavor)

I guess I was able to order it a day early through this email (below) because it isn’t on the website when you go to it manually:

Shhh…you’re the first to know:

Meet Mint Chocolate

Shh…we’re not announcing our new flavor until tomorrow, but we’re giving you the exclusive opportunity to get it now! It’s as decadent as your favorite ice cream flavor, but better.

Yeah I just saw the email… sounds delicious. We usually only order through Amazon but this might get me to make an exception this once.

This sounds really good.

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is it any good? who’s had it.

It was just announced/released on Tuesday/Wednesday. I ordered on Tuesday and got my order confirmation <30 mins ago.

OMG it just hit me. This is mint flavored. Please be green. Please be green. Please be green.

It’s not gonna be green. What a missed opportunity.

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The bottle is green and they’ve actually made some references to Soylent Green in some ads I’ve seen, but sadly the liquid itself is not green. Tastes really good though. Not a super strong overpowering mint flavor, just the right amount.

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Omg mine is still in Missouri (I’m in California) and won’t be here till the 2nd.

It’s really good. Basically a thin milkshake.

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MMMMMM blend it up with some ice for thickening and… oh man I think I might have a new favorite.

I got my first case of Mint Chocolate. It’s pretty good I will definitely be putting it into rotation with other flavors.

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Definitely great. Tastes like melted thin mints. It’s the sweetest flavor so far, and I won’t be drinking it for breakfast (Cafe Vanilla) or dinner (Original) but I’ll make room for it occasionally at lunch.

Only nitpick is that it could be thicker.