Missed my subscription shipment?

My credit card was charged on 10/29/2014 (invoice 12774), as per my subscription, but my “14 day” order still hasn’t shipped according to Fedex Delivery Manager. I’m usually notified the first or second day of the month and now that you ship from Pennsylvania; transit time is cut to a day or two.

Should I be concerned?



Mine was also charged on 29 Oct, invoice 12807. I was also wondering about whether it shipped. I wonder if maybe they are shipping differently.

Mine was charged on October 22, and I still haven’t received it, nor a shipping confirmation email, nor anything. They haven’t answered my emails either.

I saw this from in another thread:

  1. Customer is charged again 4 weeks after previous renewal
  2. Soylent ships in 1-2 weeks
  3. etc.

It looks like up to 2 weeks after being charged is normal. We’re getting close though.

My past shipments initiated a few days after my card was charged. My most recent shipment (last month) arrived a day or two after notification as it was sent from RL’s Pennsylvania fulfillment center rather than from California.

*also…I have an ongoing subscription. I never “renewed” it because I never stopped or paused my subscription.

crickets from @Soylent
Still waiting…

I think the quote was saying your subscription “renews” every month as long as it is active. The credit card is charged at the renewal, but shipment may be up to 2 weeks after that.

It’s been 14 days since my card was charged for a re-order, and still no shipping confirmation. Soylent confirmed with me that it is in the ‘next batch’ and I should receive a confirmation in the next few days. I guess two weeks is the norm now.

Quick note – Thanks to everyone for keeping in touch and for your patience. We are developing our subscription processes to match the billing and ship dates. Unfortunately, current software constraints prevent this but we have solutions in the pipeline. Order details are as follows:

@Brando and @Eivnei: your subscription shipments are being processed at the warehouse today. Expect a tracking number via email within 48 hours.

@Skyliner Couldn’t locate your order. We’ve sent a PM to exchange info and get you squared away. Apologies for the inconvenience.

@hstove Your one-time re-order is also currently processing at the warehouse today. Tracking number to follow within 48 hours.


my v1.2 arrived today.

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Did your FexEx tracking number populate at all, while it was en route?

I received a shipping email on Tuesday (11 Nov) with a tracking number, stating that it was shipping out of Pennsylvania, just as my initial 28 day order did 25 days ago. The FedEx tracking number has yet to populate and I am starting to worry, as I only have Soylent on hand for today and tomorrow (Friday - 14 Nov).

FedEx is usually pretty good with their tracking system, so I am assuming that it is still sitting on a loading dock or - perhaps - it is still just a printed shipping label that has yet to be attached to a box.


@atoreson Thanks for notifying us of the tracking number populating issue. Your order should still be en route. Please PM if your order doesn’t arrive in 2-3 business days – we’ll take care of it ASAP. Apologies for the mix-up!

It arrived the day after I got my tracking number…I didn’t check on shipping status before I received the package. I’m glad RL has bi-coastal shipping now (I’m in Northern VA).

Same here. account charged Nov 2 and still no tracking number or soylent. only 2 days left of soylent. i have been on a bag of soylent for 76 days straight and now i will have to try to tie over until i get my sub shipment. this is just wrong. i will live through it though. i thought of buying 14 bags but its over more that $10 a bag. why should i have to pay more because soylent cant ship properly? if i had extra i could wait out these shipment delays but why do i have to pay more than i am paying in my subscription.

OK, 11 hours after i wrote this my shipment arrived. Needless panic.

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I was charged for a re-order on 10/29
I did receive a tracking number https://www.fedex.com/fedextrack/WTRK/index.html?action=track&action=track&tracknumbers=283513883894747&fdx=1490
However it has yet to actually ship, and now it has been two full weeks since I placed the re-order. I’m pretty dissapointed, my diet has gone to crap in the past two weeks again and I even came down with a cold… I want my soylent.

EDIT: Just got it today, exactly 2 weeks after I re-ordered. OK Soylent I guess you still got a happy customer here. :wink: What is weird though is that the tracking number never updated to show in-transit, delivery date, etc.

@Grampa and @Xander – Sorry about the confusion with tracking numbers! This is a WIP and we appreciate your feedback and communication – we’re definitely looking into how we can prevent this from happening again.

Hi there, just wanted to check in as my card was charged 12/25/14 for my monthly subscription. An invoice was generated (#26003), but it’s been almost 2 weeks, I haven’t received my Soylent, and I never received a tracking email/shipping confirmation of any kind. Tagging @Soylent hoping to get some answers. Help please? Thank you!

I’m in the same boat. My re-order was on 12/15. Previous re-orders took about 2 weeks, as advertised, but this order has been over 3 weeks now with no shipping confirmation. Maybe the holidays have strained the order fulfillment process.

I use less than a pouch a day, and I don’t mind paying a premium for ad-hoc ordering. But, it’ll be a shame to run out. Maybe I’ll bite the bullet and subscribe to 14 bags a month.

Looks like I’m not alone.
Billed 12/14/2014
Invoice 20109
No shipping notice as of 1/7/2015 (which is my next billing date according to Chargebee)

I live almost exclusively on Soylent. I’ll probably run out in 5 days or so. But that’s okay. Not complaining in the slightest. Soylent is just exactly what I needed. These folks have done a great thing.

So I’ll wait patiently. But “wait” is not quite the right word. Anticipate is better. I’ll be Anticipating.


Glory and trumpets! I got a shipment notice. You guys rock.