Missing Cholesterol


Why does Soylent lack any and all cholesterol? The liver overproduces cholesterol when it isn’t given any. I just found out about the oversight and now it looks like I’m going to have to buy and consume a ton of eggs to offset this.


Search for cholesterol using the magnifying glass at the top of this site for discussions about this and similar cholesterol issues. To quote one of my professors from about 30 years ago – “the body can make cholesterol out of tin cans.”


Do you have a citation for this? I’ve read that the body will produce only the cholesterol it requires, and consuming dietary cholesterol is unnecessary. I also thought that consuming too much saturated fat will cause the body to produce too much cholesterol (and therefore high-cholesterol and no-cholesterol diets, assuming the same saturated fat intake, are similarly healthy).


From the American Heart Association

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that comes from two sources: your body and food. Your body, and especially your liver, makes all the cholesterol you need and circulates it through the blood. But cholesterol is also found in foods from animal sources, such as meat, poultry and full-fat dairy products. Your liver produces more cholesterol when you eat a diet high in saturated and trans fats.


Nope, I don’t. I believe heard it somewhere though. I feel like our bodies are meant to handle some meat, being omnivorous and all. Unless we know that producing cholesterol ourselves is sustainable, or even if it is I feel like soylent should be trying to simulate a healthy, natural diet in a convinent way rather than a corrective diet for those already poisoned by poor eating.


“I feel like” is not the beginning of arguments within the nutrition team, I can promise you that.


We do. Millions of vegans do it every day.

It is.


In addition, “I believe I heard it somewhere” is not an acceptable source for information.


Veganism is not natural. I say this as a practical vegan now since using soylent but veganism is a recent development only allowed by technological advances, certainly not something the body is equiped to handle without careful nutritive selection.


“even though the IOM [Institute of Medicine] mentions it I feel it’s more of a maximum than a recommendation.”
-Rob Rhinehart on Soylent cholesterol content.


So far you have provided one example for why you think this is true, but you’ve been unable to provide any evidence for your belief. I don’t think you’re going to convince anyone that your argument has any merit if you decline to produce any evidence.


I’m complaining that Soylent isn’t providing the amount of cholesterol I would get in nature or with a less convinent diet. Not arguing against the advant of veganism. If you don’t want to eat cheese that’s your perogative, I’ll even go as far as to not eat cheese when I’m with you, however people in the recent past who have tried this can be described as malnourished. Only recently (as in one or two generations) have we learned how to keep someone alive without killing or harvesting from animals, and we don’t know the long term effects. All I’m saying is that soylent should include a moderate source of cholestoral to closer match a natural diet, if it means sacrificing vegan customers then wait until they have the production down and are able to provide soylent varrients but an option should be made available for those of us who want convenient balanced diets and don’t mind some animal byproducts.


If you hope to convince me, perhaps you could start with this notion that dietary cholesterol is necessary. I’ve only seen evidence to the contrary of your notion so far. To put it more simply, why should Soylent include cholesterol if it isn’t necessary?


Ok maybe I misunderstood your argument. It seem like you where saying dietary cholesterol is essential for health. Vegans disprove that by not getting any cholesterol from their diets and not dieing from it. Veganism has been around since the early to mid 1800’s


You don’t actually think RR is making all the nutritional decisions, do you?


Or since 4,000 B.C., if you count the Jain.


This whole thread makes no sense.

Why would you want to include cholesterol in Soylent?

Unless it can be shown that the body needs to ingest cholesterol (which would go against the medical knowledge of today), arguing about it is pointless. This thread is pointless.


I’d like to see evidence that it isn’t necessary. The IOM gives us a daily value. There is evidence that high “good cholestoral” is linked to higher Testosterone levels, which suggests causation and we are physiologically adapted to dealing with it, even if it was something our body has to strain out, limiting it could be detrimental to our ability to handle it in the future. We’re basically guinea pigs, which doesn’t bother me (Captain america was a guinea pig too) but I’d rather not play around with one of the substances my brain is made of.




Remember how before YouTube blew up the comments section was always constructive and meaningful dialogue?

… yea me neither.


At the risk of being one of those guys Sources? Medical knowledge of the day correlates HDL positively with hormonal balance and negativily with Alzheimer’s. (sourced above)

I’m just recomending caution over completely banishing things most of us recieve and may need to recieve in moderation.