Missing posts, possible self-promotion of a third party product


I posted to discourse.soylent.me/t/has-anyone-else-seen-space-nutrients-station/ and reviewed the composition of their mix. I had 2 posts in that thread, I believe, warning against the high amounts of iron, and the imbalanced proportion of other nutrients. It wasn’t overly critical, impolite, or otherwise against the ToS.

I believe the posts were removed through community moderation, possibly through multiple accounts made by spaceman, or the producer of the space nutrients product. There is a definite potential for iron toxicity with their product, and it should be approached with caution.

This sort of “democratic” censorship is detrimental to discourse, easily abused, and can result in not only skewed discussions, but possible harm to the health and well being of community members if potentially negative information is suppressed.

The community moderation parameters need to be reviewed. It is currently too easy to abuse, and nothing good can come of it. Preventing community moderation of established accounts would be the best approach. Lets say, 100+ posts, 20+ topics, and 15+ “likes” grants you immunity from general moderation. Allowing people to see which of their posts have been moderated is also critical, as my posts on the topic simply disappeared, with no chance for me to review or self-edit. As the primary store of information on diy discussions, this forum has one hell of a lot of good information. It shouldn’t be possible for people to simply delete the information from view because they don’t like it, or because it casts their product in a negative light. Or because of general jackassery.

It really bothers me that other posts of mine may have simply disappeared into the ether, with no possibility for me to know what information was lost. Without confidence in the secure history of information on these forums, I don’t have much reason to stay… and I want to. I love the discussions, and I love having a place where likeminded people contribute to excellent discussions on nutrition, bioengineering, diy soylent, and of course the official product. Please don’t interpret this as a threat to leave, or something petty - it’s a criticism of the current status quo, which allows “democratic” vandalism and suppression of information.

I know that things are pretty intense right now, and that forum moderation is low on the priority list. Can you disable general community moderation, however, until such a time that you can address the issue properly?


No way. Just because someone talks a lot does not mean they can’t be abusive, harassing, or otherwise inappropriate.

Preventing too-new accounts from flagging might accomplish the same thing.

I do think being able to see which of one’s own posts have been moderated/deleted would be valuable.


Maybe setting up tiers of moderation would be useful - newer people can moderate their peers, and established accounts the same.


I’m guessing that you intended to direct this to @codinghorror, so I’m tagging him to make sure he sees it.


Him and @JulioMiles , and the community for discussion and any ideas people may have.


Hmm. When did you make these posts? I don’t see any posts by you in that thread at all, and I should be able to see all deleted/hidden posts. I don’t see any posts by you that have been flagged either, so this is strange. I’m sure we’ll get it figured out, though.


I distinctly remembered someone posting something about there being too much iron in something but, after some searching, I think it was this:

I think Spaceman has at least two accounts on here, but is primarily using the Spaceman one for posting. I told him to be careful about spamming the forum as it likely wouldn’t go over well with the mods.


It’s also worth noting that there are other methods of hacking websites besides using approved user interfaces, and “gaming the system”.

Given the nature of spacemans guerrilla approach to marketing and doing business, I would not overlook any avenues of investigation into this matter.

Whilst I think it’s great that there is competition, his use of the soylent forums to peddle his wares are little grating on most people’s sensibilities.


The day the post was made - the only reason I remember it was because I was going to write something snarky, then corrected it before i posted. I remember it linked to the Ambronite thread, and I wrote that it was cool that there were already two seemingly significant competitors riding the Soylent train. I also wrote about the 60%+ rda of iron per meal, and how it could be potentially toxic in a short time.


i can vouch for this post. i remember reading it. you are not going mad.


I rem reading something to that effect too. Seems worth some investigation this thing


Thats whack. I think you should just be able to flag the post you dont like and once a certain number of flags have been made a message goes to the moderators who will then make the final decision on the post. the current system gives to much potential for abuse. I dont know why they allow another product to advertise on here in the first place. They are using this site to make money clear and simple. It has nothing to do with making Soylent better, making someones DIY better, or making the website better.


I still don’t see any evidence that something nefarious occurred, I’d ask people to please hold off on making any assumptions until this is figured out.

That’s how it works. Every time a post is flagged I am notified, and can choose to take action or ignore the flag.

If a bunch of people flag a post it is hidden automatically, and mods can choose to unhide or delete the post.


I thought it was autohidden. Because I have received two notifications for two posts in the past. And the wording made it seem like they had been hidden once a certain amount of flags had been reached.


Probably nothing nefarious happened - that was my gut feel, since it was a discussion on a commercial product, but it’s more likely that something somewhere got lost during an upgrade or backup or any of the kajillion moving pieces in the discourse software.

Glad to know it’s not possible for community moderation to arbitrarily cause a post to disappear into thin air… I’ll keep an eye out to see if I can note any other odd disappearances. If it’s a bug in discourse, it should be replicable.


Famous. Last. Words. I don’t know how many times at my work a bug sticks around for a month because its intermittent and not easily reproduced enough to catch it in the act. Evil suckers.


Weird ass things happen because of seemingly normal and secure code - I’d be willing to bet this was something to do with timing, maybe with daylight savings and a discourse software update. I think it was early March when I posted, after the March 4th post by snowboard utah, in response to original post and cyrius, with a caveat about excessive iron and links to a couple diy recipes.

Makes me wonder if there’s a missing day or hour or minute around the time of daylight savings? That should be easy to check in the database.


i posted that in reply to the ambronite thread where someone was asking if peope had seen it and i had a look at it.