Misunderstanding by Moderators


This post was closed after the moderator misunderstood: http://discourse.soylent.me/t/poor-communication-of-business-skill/14895

My criticism wasn’t about the fact that they cannot post updates about how things were going, but more specifically, that it wasn’t posted originally that it would take over a year to fulfill my order. It is entirely reasonable that an order would be fulfilled within a month or so, not a year. That should have been known to me in the first place.

Please don’t jump to conclusions, but ask questions to delve into someone’s mind before closing a thread. It was entirely irresponsible on the part of the moderator.


It was closed because there is already a thread to discuss shipping and fulfillment and it didn’t help that your initial post was not especially accurate. As stated in the previous thread frustration with slow fulfillment is reasonable, but spamming the forums with complaints is not appropriate. As in your previous thread you may direct your concerns to this thread:


When did you order? They made the delays pretty clear, as well as the cutoff dates for preorders and new/re-orders. Of course, if you don’t follow the blog or forums at all, I can see how you might not be aware of the delays and dates.

Yes and no. If the company was well established with suppliers and shipping, then yes. But what about a recent start up like Rosa Labs, that only just got its product to start shipping? No, they have over 20,000 people who preordered, many with more than 1 weeks worth ordered. Currently they only have a limited manufacturing capability, handled by RFI. The only bottle neck I can think of (excluding customs) is the supplier of the rice protein isolate, which caused one of the shipping delays. After all of us who preordered get our Soylent, then you can expect the shipping delays to lessen significantly.

Last I heard they are working on their own manufacturing center, which may help speed up order fulfillment and offer better scalability for Rosa Labs.


I think there was perhaps some misunderstanding on both sides here – your earlier topic wasn’t locked as a deterrent to discussing the subject at hand.

Rather, the official thread has been set out as the appropriate place to bring up concerns on the shipping/fulfillment process in general. The topic you created voiced a fairly common concern, directly associated with the shipping/fulfillment process. It’s a valid concern to voice, but the topic was locked as part of keeping discussion on the subject in one place. This may have been done rather quickly, but I’m sure the intent was to keep the discussion from spreading out and becoming difficult/confusing to move over into the official thread.

That being said, fair point in making sure we’re on the same page. The written phrasing in the linked thread is

If you feel that your subject of discussion is separate enough from “Soylent 1.0 shipping/fulfillment” that it does not belong in that topic, feel free to describe your reasoning. Otherwise, you may find yourself likely to get more response from placing your comments in the official thread :wink:


You aren’t allowed to spam the forum with criticism.
You are allowed to spam the forum with praise.


tldr back to the containment thread with ye, vile dissenter!

You may subtlely voice your opinions when veiled with sarcasm, but don’t let anyone catch out and out criticism concerning their fulfillment and current lead times outside of their designated thread.



I would very much like a forum option to mute you.


@gambit Same goes to you. Good on you discouraging others opinions on a public forum geared towards discussion. I am always ready to have an actual discussion with someone with points to make, but unfortunately you don’t seem to be one of them.

Great attitude you’ve got there, Rosa will put your award in the mail for you.

Fanboi detected…


4 of the top 6 threads in the forum right now are hate spam threads led by you and your troll friends. How is that constructive for anything or for anyone?

You might also note that I’ve only posted on two of them, this one, because I got to it first and was hoping to direct a new user to an appropriate place to air his issues, and the 1300 post shipping thread, which has been pretty well off the rails for the last 500 posts. If I’m chasing you and your friends around the forum defending shipping delays I’m doing a really terrible job at it.


I am always ready to have an actual discussion with someone with points to make

Okay, great!

Fanboi detected…

Right. This is a great way to begin a constructive, fact-based conversation.


This is truly hilarious. They are at the top because I am online and posting and they got bumped. Apparently being one of the only people that actually explains his stance makes me the big bad ringleader. Again, sorry for posting my opinion in a forum dedicated to doing so.

Maybe take a few more laps around the internet, figure out what this whole troll thing means before you throw around words you dont understand. But yeah all those people with the same opinions, I obviously put them up to it.

How blissful it must be to be one of those people who actually believe every dissenting opinion is a just a troll.


@timmyf You’re right, next time I will just let these people know I wish I could mute them and make no other point.

In fact, we all should. You know, so we aren’t wasting each other time. Makes sense. We should all aspire to make such meaningful contributions.


You’re certainly welcome to have an opinion, Cap. I’m just trying to give you an answer to your question, “Why are all you fanbois calling me a troll?”

If you want to make the claim to be on higher ground, above and better than the rest of these lowly forum-users, you should actually take and maintain that position.


Sorry I am not going to sugar coat these things.

Like I said I am ready to have a conversation and defend my points , but fanbois are fanbois and after so many of them I don’t have time. Someone posts with points or thought out counters to mine, I will take it seriously.

His post about muting me was pointless, ineffective, off topic, and generally against guidelines.

This is how I talk and write, there are several people I will openly disagree with in one thread and like and agree with in another. These people have something to say, and mine or anyones disagreement isn’t a troll, its a discussion.

And I do maintain that position, nothing saying I have to be someone else while I am doing it. I am not an everyone gets a trophy sort of guy, all anyone has to do to get a concise response is make a conscise point that isn’t a bandwagon on the haters or just repeating what Soylent said.


You’ve made 75 posts and only managed to make one point on this forum. Everyone knows what your opinion is and we would all know it if it were confined to a somewhat limited number of threads.

I think my point was pretty clear. Your posts at this point are a detriment to the forums. I would much rather see people discussing energy levels, potential product adjustments/new product ideas, shipping progress, macro nutrient ratios ect rather than a 76th post of the only point you’ve made on these forums.

Edit - Oh yeah, there’s that 76th post just below this one. A truly great contributor you are.


Of course your point was clear, it was pretty simple. I just dont care, and none of what you are posting is a contribition to any discussion.

When I used the word fanboi I was speaking generally, but you are a prime example. Nothing contribute except your baseless defense and personal attacks against those who disagree.

Sorry you don’t get how internet forums work, if you want to read about those topics try checking the threads regarding them, pro tip.

Keep talking, this is more and more on topic and you are making such a difference here!

Regardless, this is the last post of yours I will reply to, as you obviously have nothing useful to say. Next time if you dont want to hear from someone, don’t reply to them.


All this bickering gets us nowhere.


Im not sure YOU know how internet forums work. When a forum is created, maintained, and purchased by the product company, of course it will be biased.

When one is created and paid for by a neutral owner, then the forum, for the most part, tends to get more of both sides.

Theses posts all really need to be closed or moved to one thread that everyone can complain about, then folks can mute the topic…

I see the point of the fulfillment thread to be more about issues with the order… Not how long its taking…but thats me.


These aren’t biased, or at least, we try not to be. Many of the anti-Soylent complaints are along the lines of “Soylent bad” but then don’t provide any real evidence to support their claims, or use ‘research’ that was payed for by companies against/for something (i.e. monsanto paying for pro-GMO research, and organic people paying for anti-GMO research).

I thought this thread would have died yesterday, guess not.


absolutely Matt. I was answering it more from the vague standpoint that Cpt was making his argument.

He calls them fanbois… I say its a forum with folks about a specific product…