Mixed not-refrigerated Soylent. & More than a days worth. 1.4


If you don’t refrigerate Soylent after it is mixed, how long is it good for? I understand if you do refrigerate it they say it is good no longer than 48 hours.I assume after 48 hours some of the compounds start breaking down or something. Heat typically aides in this process, so how long would room temperature Soylent be good for?

If you consumed more than a single pack in a day, would there be negative side effects?

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Not sure exactly. Sometimes I’ll fall asleep with a neat full glass next to my bed and I’ll drink it when i wake up and am too lazy to get some water or juice, and I’m still alive.


Soylent is food with no preservatives. The 48 hour window is just a conservative estimate on bacteria growth. The only “side affect” of eating more than one bag a day is the possibility of weight gain.


Yeah, it’s not a matter of breakdown, it’s food safety.

It’ll either taste bad because it went bad, or it may make you sick, depending on what pathogens fell into it from the air, the containers, your hands, etc.


Practically it is a perfect place for bacterial growth. After about 48 hours it seems to ferment a bit, at least around here. Now I have sourdough starter, and a bunch of bacteria colonies I like about. Your area might differ.

I have been tempted to make soylent beer. Throw a little brewer’s yeast in and why not? Don’t tempt me I may do it one of these days.


Thanks, that’s a good idea. :slight_smile: I could drink a glass at 5AM when I take my meds, should get me a nice energy boost for when I actually get up at about 6AM. -.-’ I love sleep. I’m thinking about putting 50-100% more water in it too so that I get the amount of water I need each day also :slight_smile:


Awesome, just wanted to ask to make sure that the increased amount of nutrients wouldn’t have a negative effect. Though that doesn’t make toooo much sense. Thanks for the sanity check! & a thanks to @MentalNomad.


That doesn’t sound good at the moment… Give me another month or so on 1.4… then maybe. Would probably be one of the healthiest beers out there. Lol