Mixers - Coffee? Tea?


Has anyone tried using coffee or tea instead of water to create Soylent? It seems to me that this might solve some of the issues that the blogosphere are having with the look/taste. Perhaps I am just way off base and have no idea what I am talking about. Let me know.

Note: I am in Japan, so will not be able to try it until I return to the States next year.


As long as it doesn’t cause any problems with existing components.


I was considering this today. Tea might be a little less complex than coffee; but that’s just an assumption - I suppose it depends on what you put in it. For those of us that would enjoy having a caffeineated Soylent, I would love to see additional investigation into this.


I THINK the taste issues most people are experiencing is from only using components without added flavours and thus getting the unfiltered side tastes of everything - olive oil, whatever tablets they may be crushing up, salt, caffeine (bitter), etc.

This can be solved with a minimal amount of added flavouring, something as simple as cocoa might already do. Personally, I just use a flavoured whey concentrate, and it’s fine.

The other way to keep in mind is that the flavour experience might just be an issue of adaption. In the beginning I didn’t like the taste of my Soylent, even with flavoured whey and with peanut oil instead of olive oil.
After 2-3 days though I found that I had just “adapted” - I started liking the taste. I assume that was my brain noticing how much better I feel with this badtasting substance - “if it is that good, let’s make him think it tastes good so he eats more of it!”.


I’ve thought about this so I only tried Vanilla and Strawberry Whey Isolate with my coffee … Vanilla was pretty good but strawberry was weird.

I should try with a bit of oil next time


I made a delicious Cherry Soylent a few days ago, look!

In summary:

  • Strawberry
  • Orange Dreamsicle
  • Pomegranate
  • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla
  • Coconut & Pineapple
  • Cherry

I recommend following / tweeting at Lee Cauble for advice on flavoring, she has created a number of recipes and loves making Soylent taste great. http://twitter.com/leecauble


This has been a fun couple of weeks. I have been waiting to try this for quite a while. Honestly, I get bored easily. So trying different flavoring is important to me.
I’ve tried other nutrition supplements and after a month (or less) I was done. The beauty of Soylent is that it is essentially flavorless thus allowing the user to customize from glass to glass.
My goal is to find as many variations as possible while adding little or no calories. So far I have used extracts and those handy little water flavoring products. For cinnamon I just added powdered cinnamon and blended in a magic bullet.
Just because its good for me doesn’t mean I’m eating ( or drinking) it.
Anything we consume should be enjoyable.


While adding some taste is a great idea, I wouldn’t exactly use coffee or tea as caffeine can inhibit iron absorption. Same goes for cocoa I think, though I’m not sure to what extent.


Yesterday I was following a presentation of Bulletproof Exec guy called Dave Asprey and this guy states that coffee makes you jittery because most coffee we consume has mould in it. He also stated that the diuretic effect is caused by toxins that the body wants to release asap.

In his words, coffee - without mould - would not cause any jittery feelings and would not be diuretic. Anyone researched this subject? Considering that caffeine could be a kind of light nootropic, it would be useful to use with soylent without the jittery effects.


Providing a link:


Both this non-mould coffee and this grass-fed butter concepts should be examined…


While butter coffee definitely seems like a good idea, I’ve always thought his “upgraded coffee” thing is more of a marketing gimmick than anything else. There may be some truth to it but I the average person needs a special blend of coffee.

Or not. Maybe we are all poisoning ourselves slowly.