Mixing 1.5 with cacao powder give me stomach ache

Right now I consume 1.5 powder as-is without any flavoring; I just dilute it (add more water).

However, when I first got it, I experimented with adding cacao powder to give it a chocolaty taste. The taste was kinda ok but I got severe stomach aches (cramps?).

Did anyone else have a similar experience?

Did you drink more at a sitting, when you added the flavoring?

It’s easy to consume more calories than your stomach is prepared for without realizing it in time, when you’re drinking Soylent.

I noticed heartburn when I did that with 1.4, it was bad enough that I needed to use an antacid to relieve it. Maybe cutting down on the amount that you add could help, I just stopped using cocoa powder altogether.

how much cocoa powder did you add?

I’ve been adding 2Tbsp to a pitcher and haven’t had any problems.