Mixing ahead of time - shelf life?


I am consuming DIY People Chow until I get the official Soylent. We all know this is a very gritty recipe, and I am actually getting used to it and it does not bother me as much anymore. But I would still prefer it smoother if possible.

If I mix it up minus the oil and keep it in the fridge, will it last longer than with the oil? My understanding is that mixing the oil in will make the mixture more bacteria-friendly, increasing the risk of spoilage. If I mix it up without oil, my hope is the masa harina will soak up more water and become less gritty.

Has anyone experimented with keeping Soylent prepared this way for more than a couple days?

Obligatory link: Prepared Soylent Drink Ahead of Time? which does not answer this specific question, but seems to indicate it is safe to keep for as long as a week.


Interesting, I’ve never mixed it without the oil, so can’t give you the whole answer.

I don’t notice much change in the consistency of my recipe after about 24 hours, maybe 48, so I don’t know if longer would do anything for you. I also use masa, but not as much as you are using.

I know with my DIY I mix it up the day before (oil and all), sometimes morning, sometimes evening. I usually use it in a day, sometimes two, but have used it as much as 4-5 days later. Thankfully it rarely hangs around after the first day though.

When I get up around the 5 day mark I start to notice a difference, I don’t think it’s gone bad at that point, but will still toss it out. I did have one batch that clearly went bad after about two days, not sure what was up with that one, but it has been the only one.

As to the real deal for those that are interested. Linked within your link…


I have had that happen as well, never was sure why. Maybe I measured something incorrectly that spoils?

This is why I wanted to run it by everyone else to get a better feel for what others think.