Mixing DIY + 1.4 for best of both worlds?


So I was thinking. 1.4 has increased the fat and lowered the carbs a bit, uses potato starch and Ismultaose(can’t spell), etc, etc. What if I took half a days worth, added two scoops of a good flavored protein powder and my own oil mix to get to the desired kcal level? You could almost consider that a decent low carb soylent with only half the work of DIY.

Now I 'm sure the numbers of micros might not all add up, but if your not going 100%, and not too OCD it would pan out.

Has anyone seen a recipe that uses official soylent in a DIY recipe?

Not sure if I can link private recipe: Something like this.

Thats very basic, quickly thrown together, I"m sure most of what I entered for the Soylent 1.4 is off…


I made a few recipes that used v1.0 as a base ingredient. My goal was to change the macros and calories, so they were all full DIY recipes, just using a portion of 1.0.





I’d be curious to try this with 1.4. I’d almost be willing to move to low carb from Keto. Using half of 1.4, the carbs are only at about 100grams for a day, and those carbs are very low GI.